Biobehavioral Health Building

Frequently Asked Questions

The following are answers to some frequently asked questions about the construction of the Biobehavioral Health Building.

Project Overview — Biobehavioral Health Building
A new 94,500 sq. ft. building will replace the 'bridge' that currently connects Henderson Building with Henderson Building South. This building will add necessary space to expand the programs and learning capabilities for students and faculty in the College of Health and Human Development.
In addition, a stage will be constructed above ground on the HUB Lawn for the use of future functions on the HUB Lawn (concerts, speakers, rallies, etc.) as well as a sitting area with benches and tables.
Building Location / HUB Lawn
image of building location
The new building will not be constructed on the HUB Lawn. It will be constructed in the area between Henderson Building and Henderson Building South (previously the "bridge" that connected those two buildings), and the former Brown G parking lot.
The area currently being utilized on the south end of the HUB Lawn is a temporary construction area. Once construction is completed, this area will be restored to lawn/open space.
Pedestrian Access / Sidewalk
A new sidewalk will be constructed to reroute the pedestrian traffic from the HUB Lawn to Old Main. This will be a temporary paved sidewalk that will be restored to the lawn once construction is done.
This sidewalk will be lighted in order to ensure safe passage at night as well.
Signs will be placed to guide pedestrians around the site and will remain for the duration of the project.
Areas outside the construction fence are safe to use.
Construction Deliveries / Access
All construction deliveries will come off of College Avenue via a new, temporary access road. There will be no deliveries from Pollock Road or the alleyway between the HUB and Henderson Building.
To keep everyone safe, a temporary sidewalk will be installed around the site to keep pedestrians away from the construction activity.
image of site plan

Site Plan

The construction management firm overseeing the project, Massaro, has developed a site plan showing details of the areas to be affected by the project.

.pdf file View a copy of the site plan.