Aligning Forces for Quality Evaluation Data Collection

The AF4Q Evaluation uses a mixed-methods approach including three different surveys that gather information on the effect of the AF4Q initiative and the context in which it operates, and a series of qualitative interviews capturing the perspectives of multiple stakeholders.

Alliance Survey

A survey of the Aligning Forces for Quality (AF4Q) leadership team, staff, and key stakeholders conducted to provide baseline information for the Aligning Forces for Quality research and evaluation team to compare to other AF4Q sites and for trending over the life of the AF4Q program. This annual web-based survey provides feedback regarding the degree to which the stakeholders are coalescing around a common vision for improving the health and health care of individuals in a given health care marketplace. The survey is designed to assess elements of alliance management, leadership, governance and organizational structure thought to provide the foundation for successful, sustainable collaboration, and how such elements change over time. The survey is based on previous national studies/evaluations of community health partnerships. As in previous evaluations, the data from the survey will allow comparative assessments of alliance development as well as provide sites with specific feedback that they may use in targeting areas for improvement/attention.

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Consumer Survey

As part of the evaluation of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's AF4Q initiative, the evaluation team has conducted two rounds of the Consumer Survey, a survey of adults with one or more of the following chronic conditions: diabetes, hypertension, heart disease, asthma, or depression. The Consumer Survey was administered to gather information on the level of consumer engagement in the 17 AF4Q communities as well as on a national comparison sample. Survey results may assist communities in planning and intervention activities, and researchers in assessing consumer engagement and how it changes over time.

Survey questions focus on: patient activation; consumer knowledge of publicly available performance reports that highlight quality differences among physicians, hospitals, and health plans; the ability to be an effective consumer in the context of a physician visit; patient knowledge about her/his illness; skills and willingness to self-manage the illness; and the impact of insurance, new insurance designs, and out-of-pocket costs to access care.

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Consumer Survey Methodology

Making Use of Consumer Survey Round 2 Data Webinar

This webinar presents potential uses of the data provided in the AF4Q Evaluation's Consumer Survey Round 2 reports. These reports were distributed to AF4Q alliance leaders in May 2013. View Webinar

Consumer Survey Administration Schedule

14 Original Communities Funded by AF4Q

3 Additional Communities Funded by AF4Q

Round 1

Completed July 2007 - Aug. 2008

Completed Jan. 2010 - May 2010

Round 2

Completed July 2011 - Nov. 2012

In Progress June 2013 -

Round 3

Scheduled 6/2014-5/2015

Scheduled 2015

Key Stakeholder Interviews

Throughout the evaluation of the AF4Q initiative the evaluation team will conduct key stakeholder interviews in each of the communities. These interviews are conducted with representatives from four groups: (1) alliance leadership team members; (2) alliance staff; (3) key external stakeholders; and (4) individuals involved with implementing measure collection, quality improvement efforts, and public reporting systems.

Site visit interviews in the communities consist of several question modules and average 60 minutes in length. In addition, follow-up phone interviews with alliance staff most directly involved in alliance activities occur every 6 months and measure selection, public reporting, incentive programs, and consumer engagement initiatives are conducted bi-annually.

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National Survey of Small and Medium-Sized Physician Practices (Physician Survey)

This computer-assisted telephone survey of small and medium-sized (less than 20 physicians) physician practices focuses on preventive care, health promotion, and care of adults with asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, and diabetes. It is currently being conducted on separate samples for each of the AF4Q sites and the US as a whole.

In addition to demographic information about the practice, the NSSMPP survey instrument includes seven domains asking about the practice's: (1) use of clinical information technology; (2) use of care management processes to improve the quality of care for four chronic diseases (asthma, congestive heart failure, depression, and diabetes); (3) provision of clinical preventive services and health promotion; (4) exposure to external performance incentives such as pay-for-performance and public reporting; (5) payor mix, forms of compensation from health plans, and forms of compensation paid by the practice to its physicians; and (6) organizational culture. The seventh domain seeks information about health plans' provision of care management and preventive services for patients in each practice.

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