May 12, 2014
Hospitals recover from recession, some financial issues remain
(Naleef Fareed)

April 3, 2014
Adults' tonsillectomy complications are higher than previously thought
(Dennis Scanlon)

November 5, 2013
U.S. citizenship increases women's odds of receiving mammograms, cancer tests
(Patricia Miranda)

June 13, 2013
Dennis Scanlon Receives $7.3 Million Grant to Examine Community Health Care Reform
(Dennis Scanlon)

February 1, 2013
Kolanowski Receives Grant for Nursing Home Project
(Ann Kolanowski)

January 25, 2013
Free Clinics Reduce Emergency Department Visits, Say Researchers (Wenke Hwang)

January 4, 2013
Outsourced Radiologists Perform Better Reading for Fewer Hospitals (Jonathan Clark)

September 26, 2012
Patient Safety Improves when Leaders Walk the Safety Talk (Deirdre McCaughey)

September 19, 2012
Survival of Safety-Net Hospitals at Risk (Jonathan Clark)

September 18, 2012
Nurses Examine Caregiver Grief (Janice Penrod)

June 15, 2011
Cancer survivors spend more on health care (Pamela Farley Short)

Apr 13, 2010
The Effects of Health Insurance Reform on Young Adults (audio) (Pamela Farley Short, S. Diane Brannon)

Feb 17, 2010
Study to Identify Early Risk Factors for Cognitive Delay in Children (Marianne Hillemeier)

Jan 26, 2010
End-of-Life Care Strategies Examined in Pennsylvania Prisons (Susan Loeb, Janice Penrod, Christopher Hollenbeak)

Jun 16, 2009
Professor Receives Grant to Study Immigrant Medicaid Usage (Daphne Hernandez)

Jul 1, 2008
Researcher Receives $4 Million from RWJ Foundation to Study Health Quality Reform Project (Dennis Scanlon)

Jun 20, 2008
Local Health Care Markets Affect National Patient Safety Project (Dennis Scanlon)

Mar 25, 2008
Eliminating Medicare Waiting Period For All Disabled Workers Would Cover The Uninsured But Displace Private Insurance (Pamela Farley Short)

Aug 21, 2007
Health Care Incentive Model Offers Collaborative Approach (Dennis Scanlon)

Jun 27, 2007
Older Cancer Survivors Pull Their Weight in Workplace (Pamela Farley Short, Joseph Vasey, John Moran)

Feb 22, 2007
Race May Play a Role in Children's Asthma Care (Marianne Hillemeier, Eugene Lengerich)

Jan 23, 2007
LaVeist to Speak at PSU

Oct 5, 2006
Professor to Evaluate Health-Care Quality Improvement Initiative (Dennis Scanlon)

Sep 12, 2006
Effect of Direct to Consumer Drug Ads Unexpected (Andrew Kleit)

Jul 6, 2006
Belue Receives Grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Rhonda Belue)

Jun 15, 2006
Professor Receives Grant from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Dennis Scanlon)

Mar 9, 2006
Pediatrician Receives Grant to Study Mothers and Newborns (Christopher Hollenbeak, Carol Weisman)

Mar 2, 2006
Study Examines Future Long-Term Care Needs of Seniors (Peter Kemper)

Jan 19, 2006
Lance Armstrong Foundation Community Grant to Support Cancer Survivorship (Eugene Lengerich)

Jan 12, 2006
Governor Names Professor to Health-Care Reform Panel (Dennis Scanlon)

Nov 7, 2005
Scanlon Receives Fran and Holly Soistman Faculty Development Award (Dennis Scanlon)

Oct 12, 2005
$3 Million Grant Funds Nurse Case Management and Diabetic Patient Study (Cheryl Dellasega, Christopher Hollenbeak)

Sep 29, 2005
Kidney Transplant Patients Face Higher Skin Cancer Risk (Christopher Hollenbeak)

Sep 20, 2005
CHCPR and Gerontology Center Co-Sponsor Speaker Series on Longitudinal Data and Analysis Techniques

Jun 9, 2005
Penn State awarded $1.3 million for Northern Appalachian Cancer Network (Eugene Lengerich)

Apr 7, 2005
Competition in Health Care May Not Result in Better Quality (Dennis Scanlon)

Mar 21, 2005
Employment Prospects Good for Most Cancer Survivors -- But Not All (Pamela Farley Short)

Feb 18, 2005
Professor Offers Support and Strategies for Families Confronting Eating Disorders (Cheryl Dellasega)

Dec 3, 2004
More than 40 Percent of Americans on Prescription Drugs (Dennis Shea)
Article: St. Petersburg Times

Nov 8, 2004
Zarit Receives Award from Gerontological Society of America (Steven Zarit)

Oct 12, 2004
Institute of Medicine Appoints Short to Cancer Survivorship Committee (Pamela Farley Short)

Aug 11, 2004
Dansky to Chair Academy of Management's Health Care Management Division (Kathryn Dansky)

Aug 10, 2004
Kemper Named Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (Peter Kemper)

Jul 21, 2004
Lower Drug Prices Could Eliminate Coverage Gap in Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Dennis Shea)
Bloomberg School of Public Health Press Release

Apr 12, 2004
Continuous Insulin Monitoring Does Not Raise Hospital Costs (Christopher Hollenbeak)

Mar 25, 2004
$4.7 Million Grant Establishes Center on Pregnancy Outcomes (Carol S. Weisman, Marianne Hillemeier)

Mar 9, 2004
New Policy Stops Transplant Heart Gaming But Potential Still Exists (Dennis P. Scanlon, Christopher Hollenbeak)

Feb 23, 2004
MCOs Shortchange Minority Medicaid Patients (Robert J Weech-Maldonado)

Dec 16, 2003
New Project Will Develop Cancer Maps for Pennsylvania (Eugene J. Lengerich, Roxanne Parrott)

Oct 27, 2003
Short Receives Pattishall Research Award from College of Health and Human Development (Pamela Farley Short)

Oct 1, 2003
Baby Boomers Beware: Most U.S. Oldest Old Lack Some Basic Assistance (Dennis Shea)

Sep 12, 2003
Dansky Receives Award from Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (Kathryn H. Dansky)

Aug 15, 2003
CHCPR Researcher Leads Commonwealth Study -- Caught in Between: Prescription Drug Coverage of Medicare Beneficiaries Near Poverty (Dennis Shea)

May 14, 2003
New Tool Tackles Nursing Shortage (Donna Sullivan Havens)

Apr 21, 2003
Scanlon Receives Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Investigator Award (Dennis P. Scanlon)

Mar 25, 2003
Dr. Short Joins President Spanier for Call-In Show on Health Care for the Uninsured (Pamela Farley Short)

Oct 7, 2002
Disabled Seniors Formerly on SSDI Hit Hardest by Drug Costs (Dennis Shea)

Oct 2, 2002
CHCPR and Gerontology Center Co-Sponsor Speaker

Sep 20, 2002
Center to Offer Public Policy, Health and Aging Series

Jul 19, 2002
CHCPR Researcher Is Co-Editor of Book on Performance-Enhancing Drugs (Charles E. Yesalis)

Jul 12, 2002
Penn State Well Represented at Annual Research Meeting

Jun 23, 2002
Dr. Pamela Farley Short Invited to Lead Methods Workshop (Pamela Farley Short)

Jun 6, 2002
Research Development Workshop on Health Care and Aging

Apr 30, 2002
Health Services Research Day at Penn State

Mar 30, 2002
Intercampus Group Explores Gerontology Research at Penn State

Mar 1, 2002
Penn State School of Nursing Seeks Health Services Research Faculty

Feb 15, 2002
CHCPR Hosts Research Workshop on Consumer Driven Health Care for the Elderly

Jan 1, 2002
Drug Coverage for Medicare Beneficiaries: Why Protection May Be in Jeopardy
Commonwealth Fund Issue Brief

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