Research Strengths

Aging and Long Term Care

We are known for our expertise in studying the health care of older Americans, particularly long-term care. This research program addresses a wide range of topics, from questions of state and federal policy to managerial, technological, and clinical innovations in patient care. Learn more about research in aging and long term care.

Health Disparities

We are addressing the problem of health disparities in many ways. Penn State is at the forefront of "diversity management"-systematic efforts by health care organizations to recruit a more diverse workforce and then manage diversity effectively and creatively. In addition to racial, ethnic and socioeconomic differences in health and health care, we have a special concern for the availability, quality and cost of health care in rural communities. Learn more about research in health disparities.

Improving Performance Through Innovation and Organizational Change

We are working to restructure health care "systems" to improve performance at all levels. At a national level, we are contributing to initiatives to empower both individual patients and employers to demand better value for their health care dollars. At a community level, we are trying to understand and improve safety net organizations and public health services. Inside health care organizations, we are helping to redesign jobs and improve teamwork so that patients receive better care. Learn more about research in improving performance through innovation and organizational change.

Public and Private Insurance and the Uninsured

Our research influences the design of both public and private health insurance plans. We are helping to guide efforts to insure the uninsured. We are contributing to the improvement of public programs by studying questions of benefit design, reimbursement, and eligibility and by evaluating the impact of changes in Medicare, Medicaid, and SCHIP on providers and patients. We are trying to understand how people decide to participate in health insurance programs or choose among health options, while also working to promote more informed choices. Learn more about research in public and private insurance and the uninsured.