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Rob Prebish '96 HL ED recently began his sixteenth year of teaching and coaching, his sixth at Meadowbrook High School in Richmond, Virginia. He supervises a department of eight teachers and instructs freshman health and physical education classes. He is also an assistant wrestling coach at St. Christopher's School in Richmond. Prebish is an avid writer and has had several articles published.

Prebish writes: "If it were not for the education I received at Penn State, I would not be nearly as successful in the classroom and on the wrestling mat. I appreciate everything the faculty did for me, from pushing me to be a success to helping me craft the tools of the trade."

Frank Rokosz '69 PH ED is an associate professor at Wichita State University. In 2011 he received the prestigious Excellence in Teaching Award from Wichita State University's Board of Trustees. Only two faculty receive the award each year. Rokosz is in his 39th year of teaching in the Department of Human Performance Studies. Prior to joining WSU, he worked as an assistant intramural director at Penn State (1971-73) under then-director Dutch Sykes.

Rokosz writes: "I owe my career to Dutch Sykes and the intramural program at Penn State. As a student I heavily participated in the program and helped supervise it, and I went directly from Penn State in 1973 to become intramural sports director at Wichita State University in Kansas. After 10 years in intramurals, I transitioned into a full-time faculty teaching position. Over the course of time, I published numerous books and journal articles on the subject of intramurals and the structuring and scheduling of sports tournaments."

Matthew Cramer '98 KINES writes, "Prior to graduation I was hired by the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) as the Sport Science and Technology intern. Immediately following my internship I graduated and was then hired as the sport science manager for the US Rowing Team, and then was asked to join the coaching staff of the US Cycling Team 6 months later. Cycling was my competitive background so the decision to leave US Rowing to work with Cycling was an easy one. This position evolved into being hired as the director of the US Mountain Bike Program and being the head coach for 11 World Championships, 2004 Olympic Games, and 2003 and 2007 Pan Am Games Teams. In 2007 was hired by the USOC to work in the Sport Performance Division, finally becoming a director of high performance in December of 2010.

"I am married to my wife Jenny and we have a daughter Siena who is 3 years old and son Preston almost 1 year old. My wife is orignally from Walla Walla, WA and I was born and raised in Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania.

"Without my Kinesiology degree I would not have been able to further my own athletic endeavors as a cyclist, but more so my degree prepared me with the fundamentals needed in a career where I work with Olympic and Paralympic athletes and coaches on a daily basis. I work with all areas of athlete performance which at some point in time were all part of the Kinesiology curriculum offered by the HHD departments Kinesiology degree."

Rob Prebish '96 HL ED writes: "I am finishing up my third year as chair of the Health and Physical Education Department at Meadowbrook High School in Chesterfield County, Virginia, which is a suburb of Richmond. I am in my 13th year as a health and physical education teacher. I am also an assistant wrestling coach at St. Christopher's School in Richmond. We won our 10th consecutive Virginia Independent Schools Athletic Association State championship in 2011 and finished in the top 20 at the National Preps Tournament at Lehigh University with three All-Americans. In 2006 I published the Ebook "The Solitary Wrestler: Methods for Safe Weight Control" that discusses the reasoning, methodology, and results of weight loss in wrestling. Go to: for more information about the book."

Prebish writes about how his degree has helped him in his career: "My degree in Health Education has definitely improved my teaching ability in the classroom. I am in the process of developing a curriculum that will (hopefully) be implemented by our county. I absolutely love what I do and if were not for my degree and Penn State, I would not be where I am today!"

Matthew Becker '07 KINES is currently employed by the Washington Wild Things Baseball Club Team of the Frontier League as a sales account executive in his hometown of Washington, Pennsylvania, located just south of Pittsburgh.

Matthew reports: "Since graduating in 2007, I've worked in few different areas of the sport and fitness industry in the Greater Pittsburgh Region. My fiancé and I got engaged on Christmas Day 2009 and are planning a July 7, 2012, summer wedding.

"My Kinesiology degree from Penn State has done wonders in helping get to where I'm at today. I'm thankful that the Kines. Dept. faculty gave me the tools be successful in both the business and practicum sides of the sport and fitness industry. The Kines. Career Fairs, Professional Development Conferences, and Colloquiums gave me the valuable edge that's needed in order to successfully network with others in the industry and benefit from it. When people ask where I went to school and the area I studied, they say, 'Wow, you went to Penn State and in quite a discipline, I wish my alma mater could've prepared me as well I as know yours did.' Hearing that makes me feel proud and humbled by my Penn State education. The Kinesiology Dept. is truly world class and second to none, and if you use it to your full advantage it will do wonders for you later in life in your career. The great memories and learning experiences in the Penn State Kinesiology Dept. will always hold a special place in my heart for what it's helped me to be and what I'll continue to become in the future."

Dr. Jason Karp '95 EXSCI, who completed his Ph.D. in exercise physiology in 2007, recently published a book for graduate students, How to Survive Your PhD. Karp founded in 2003 and currently coaches runners throughout the United States in addition to writing for national magazines and speaking at national fitness industry and coaching conferences.

Karp writes: "My Kinesiology degree from Penn State laid the foundation for everything to come. Coming out of high school, I wanted to attend a university that was very strong in both exercise physiology and biomechanics. I wanted to be the best, so I decided to go where the best were. I'm very proud to have started my academic career at Penn State."

Elizabeth Hanley '67g PH ED, associate professor emerita at Penn State, was recently named to the advisory board of Sport and Society's Olympism and Social Justice Institute, Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts. She serves as vice president of CID (International Dance Council, UNESCO-related organization), president-elect of Penn State's University Women's Club, and country representative for IOAPA (International Olympic Academy Participants Association).

She writes: "[Kinesiology] prepared me for all the challenges involved in teaching—activity classes as well as lecture classes—and to enjoy the creativity involved in the art of teaching! [Kinesiology] prepared me for research/writing in the area of dance and Olympic history."

Natalie Mahoney '99 KINES is a stay-at-home mom to children Will, born December 2004, and Charlie, born May 2008. She is married to Steve Mahoney '98 BUS. They live in Simpsonville, South Carolina.

Dr. Konstantinos "Gus" Tsamoutalidis '97 EX SCI is a self-employed doctor of chiropractic in Newport Coast, California.

He writes: "I am currently living in Newport Beach California with my wife Chrissy. We are both May 1997 Penn State graduates. I have been practicing chiropractic and natural healing therapies in California since 2002 (see my Web site). The Penn State Kinesiology program not only prepared me but allowed me to excel in my chiropractic doctorate program. The Penn State Kinesiology degree gave me a passion to continue my natural health career."

Christopher Gregorich '03 KINES is a physician assistant at Todd R. Fisher, M.D., in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania.

He writes: "I graduated in 2003 and moved on to King's College for a master of science in physician assistant studies. I became certified in 2006 and am currently practicing in Hummelstown, Pennsylvania, in a family practice. I also recently got married to Corrie Lynne Graham on May 17, 2008, who is a registered nurse in the PIMCU at Hershey Medical Center.

"I had never heard of a physician assistant [PA] until a former Penn State athletic training alum came in to talk to our class my senior year of college. He said that the information he learned in Kines/AT program had him more than ready for a PA program. He was absolutely correct and I eventually graduated from King's College with a master's in physician assistant studies. I owe where I am today to what I learned at Penn State!"

Matt Brzycki '83 H P E is assistant director of campus recreation, fitness at Princeton University. He is the co-author of Youth Fitness: An Action Plan for Shaping America's Kids. It's the seventeenth book that he's authored, co-authored, or edited. He writes: "My years at Penn State are unforgettable and I consider my undergraduate education to be second to none. The classes were excellent and my professors were outstanding. My education laid the groundwork for my career in the fitness industry."

Elisabeth Reitz '01 KINES is an exercise/fitness specialist/coordinator at Evangelical Community Hospital Fitness Center in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania.

Elisabeth writes, "I started out my career interning at my present place of employment as a personal trainer and was hired immediately after graduation.

"After spending two years there, I made a move to Washington, D.C., and did personal training at Old Town Sport and Health in Alexandria, Virginia. In two years being there I grew as a trainer and was able to pursue my interest in fitness writing. I ended up back here in central Pennsylvania working as an exercise/fitness specialist. After my supervisor resigned, I was promoted to the Fitness Center's coordinator and have been making great progress since then. I continue to pursue my fitness writing and am working on projects within the fitness center to increase membership and community involvement, while training a total of twenty-five clients. In addition to my degree, I hold two ACE certifications: Personal Training, and Lifestyle and Weight Management Consultant. I never thought I would be managing a team and running a fitness center, but I love my job and the challenges it presents every day.

"Having the Penn State name behind me made a huge difference in my career. My present place of employment actually requires a degree and when I went to D.C. I was not certified yet as a trainer. They agreed to bring me on as long as I was certified within a short time period, and I know that my KINES degree also had a lot to do with that. The quality of professors that I had and the resources available to me at Penn State helped shape who I am as a person and absolutely as a professional trainer/manager. I still use information learned in college and actually quote professors on a daily basis. One of my favorite to quote is Professor Vladimir Zatsiorsky. I made one of the best decisions of my life/career when I entered Penn State in the KINES program. It carries with it a name and tradition that is not only widely known but respected tremendously."

Rob Prebish '96 HL ED is a department chair/head wrestling coach at Massaponax High School in Fredericksburg, Virgina.

Rob writes, "I was named chair of the Health and Physical Education department in the fall of 2006 and have been busy revamping our curriculum, focusing more on lifetime fitness and developing healthy habits. I have a lot of ideas that I am going to implement. I am also the Head Wrestling Coach at Massaponax and had one of our best years to date. Our team finished with a 21-5 dual meet record and placed 12th at States. My heavyweight, Josh Wine, won the state championship and my 119 lb. Brandon Greenhalgh took home 6th place."

KINES has helped me because:
My degree has helped me become a better teacher and coach. When I began teaching, I had no idea how to really break down skills and concepts into chunks of information that my students/athletes could understand. The more I learned from other teachers, the better my teaching is getting. I am continuing to learn and am having fun doing it.

Carlyle Carter '78, '83g HPE, PH ED is the executive director of the California Community College Athletic Association.

KINES has helped me because:
"Actually my B.S. degree is in Health, Physical Education and Coaching and my Masters is also HPER in Sports Administration. Unfortunately, the Department/University decided to eliminate the Graduate Program in Sports Administration. I continue to have difficulty with that decision because if there is one University in this country known for running a clean intercollegiate program with the proper emphasis between academic and athletics it is Penn State! I have met many of my fellow and sister grads from the Sports Admin. program at Penn State holding prominent positions around the country in intercollegiate athletics and unfortunatley no professionals will be forthcoming to spread "the Penn State Way" as a result of the decision to eliminate the program. The reason I have been successful in my 20 plus years in athletic administration is because of the people of Penn State, especially my Professor and mentor, Dr. Ralph J. Sabock."