Penn State Hotel & Restaurant Society: History

The Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society has been active in the life of the University since 1942, when it was founded as the Junior Charter of the Penn State Greeters. The name of the organization was changed to the Penn State Hotel and Restaurant Society in 1948 in order to enhance the reputation of the hotel, restaurant and institutional management program at Penn State and to strengthen the organization’s links to the hospitality profession.

PSHRS started as a student organization and is still a powerful student organization on campus. Today, the group is recognized as the “umbrella organization” of the school, shaping and protecting its individual members and expanding its influence into other group organizations within the Penn State School of Hotel, Restaurant and Recreation Management. Today, PSHRS boasts nearly 500 alumni members, including 45 lifetime members, in its ongoing activities. At the same time, members of the student chapter engage in many fundraising, networking, and educational activities that have been at the core of the PSHRS mission since its founding more than 60 years ago.