HHD Alumni Society Excellence in Teaching Award

The Excellence in Teaching Award honors a faculty member in the College of Health and Human Development or the College of Nursing for excellence in teaching and contributions to the art of teaching.


The College of Health and Human Development and its Alumni Society wish to recognize and reward outstanding HHD and CON  educators for excellence in teaching and for contributions to the art of teaching.

The Teaching Award is established in honor of the truly memorable educators whose inspiration is never forgotten.


  • Candidate must have at least three years of teaching experience
    at Penn State.
  • Candidate must teach at least two different classroom or laboratory classes per year.
  • Candidate must be successful as a teacher, both in competence
    of subject matter and in ability to inspire students to high achievements.
  • Candidate must have improved the tools of and/or conditions for teaching. Evidence may include textbooks, development of courses and curricula, laboratory and other teaching equipment.

Nominating Procedure

The nomination shall consist of the following:

  1. Resume or curriculum vita
  2. One comprehensive support letter that details how the candidate meets the award criteria. The letter should be signed by the department head, one other faculty member, and two students who have been in courses taught by the nominee.
  3. Listing of courses taught in the past three years and the number of students enrolled in each course
  4. Other pertinent teaching activities (e.g. courses developed, innovative teaching strategies designed).


Selection will be made by a committee, including alumni representation, appointed by the Dean of the College of Health and Human Development.


Past recipients are not eligible for a period of five years.


The recipient will receive a monetary award and a plaque.


The deadline for nominations is May 30, 2014.

Submittal Process

Completed nomination packets can be submitted by one of these three ways:

  1. Mail:
    Kristi Stoehr
    Alumni Relations
    College of Health and Human Development
    201 Henderson Building
    University Park, PA 16802-6501
  2. Email:
    Kristi Stoehr at klf133@psu.edu
  3. Online:
    HHD Alumni Society Excellence in Teaching Award

Past Recipients

2013 Joseph Dionisio, HPA
2012 Jennifer Crissman Ishler, HDFS
2011 Sonia Cavigelli, BBH
2010 Breffni Noone, SHM
2009 Gary Fosmire, NUTR
2008 Linda Wray, BBH
2007 John Challis, KINES
2006 J. Douglas Coatsworth, HDFS
2005 Ingrid Blood, CSD
2004 Stephen Piazza, KINES
2003 Kathryn Drager, CSD
2002 Laura Cousino Klein, BBH
2001 Ralph Smith, RC PK
2000 William Buckley, KINES
1999 Janice Light, CMDIS
1998 Michael Rovine, HDFS
1997 Rebecca L. Corwin, NUTR
1996 Gordon Blood, CMDIS
1995 Lori Bechtel, BBH
1994 Phyllis K. Mansfield, HL ED
1993 Elizabeth J. Crockett, HDFS
1992 Cheryl Acherberg, NUTR
1991 Patricia B. Koch, HL ED
1990 Dorothy Blair, NUTR
1989 Bruce Stuart, HPA
1988 Judith L. Newman, HDFS