Frequently Asked Questions

What ages can participate?

The Cook Like a Chef! programs are for boys and girls ages 11 to 13.

My son is allergic to peanuts. Will this be a problem in the camp?

You will have the chance to list any allergies on the medical form and the staff will take every reasonable precaution to make certain that there are no peanuts used in recipes where their use can be avoided. We make every effort to accommodate allergies and as well as sensitivities to wheat, soy and dairy products.

My daughter is a vegetarian. Will she have to try the dishes made with meat?

No child is ever forced to try anything that he or she doesn’t want to try. The nutrition students sit at the tables with the campers and model appropriate tasting behavior, but no child has to try all the dishes.

What is your policy on refunds?

If your plans change after registering your child, you may cancel the registration up to 15 days before the start of the cooking camp program with no penalty. However, cancellations that occur with less than 15 business days before camp starts will be assessed a $50 administrative fee for processing.

How late do you accept registrations?

If there is space in the program, we will accept registrations up to July 1; however, please note that the camps typically fill many weeks before that and interested people will be put on a waiting list for a possible cancellation.

Where will I park to drop off my child?

That is a tough question this year because there is a lot of construction going on near Henderson Building. We will be advised of the best drop off point by July 1 and will make that information known via postal mail and email.

How should my child dress for camp?

You will receive detailed information about what clothing is appropriate but basically, sturdy sneakers that tie on, socks, shorts, and a tee shirt that has sleeves. Hair must be restrained—braids or a ponytail—if it is long enough, or secured with a headband or clips if it falls in the face.

What is your cell phone policy?

Children are permitted to bring cell phones to camp; however, they will be asked to keep them turned off and stored away during all activities.

What if my child is very particular about what she eats?

We guarantee that your child will not go hungry. If she doesn’t like any of the 12 to 16 dishes that are made each session, we will have some other food options available to her. Each counselor will be seated at the tables with the campers and will make certain that everyone is getting a healthy portion of the foods.