Budget Assistant Meetings

Budget Assistant Meeting 9/25/2013

Effective July 1, 2013, the Finance Office is requesting that departments provide spreadsheet when making budgeting requests (aligning budgets and budgeting income) to the Finance Office for general funds. This will allow us to be able to provide better customer service when we are cover each others areas. No sheet is needed if you are sending a lump sum of money to another college or department.

There is also a space provided if you would need to un-budget income due refunds being issued or reclaimed income by the Bursar.

Budget Assistant Meeting 2/27/2013

Printing/Copier Reminder

Printing/Copying expenses (Object code 414) over $250.00 need to be routed through the Mutimedia and Print (MPC). This information is provided in BS14 and the attached matrix. MPC will determine if they can perform the job or if it need to be outsourced. If the job needs to be outsourced the MPC will provide an exception for the job. The exception must be attached to the SRFC backup for payment.

Document Signatures

  • Budget Executive - Dean
  • Budget Administrator - Department Head or Center Director

No proxies are permitted:

  • Disp, APCA, UPCA at any level
  • Lost Unobtainable Pcard Receipt Forms over $100.00
  • Travel Exception Memo
  • NTUA
  • Tangible Asset Form
  • Blanket Hosted Event Form
  • Cost Justfication and Cover Sheet
  • Fee Request Form
  • Effort Certifications
  • P-Card Support Forms as cardholder
  • When signing as a proxy - Sign your name FOR the name of the person you are signing for. (example: Alicia Fetzer for Mary Andrew)

Upcoming Training

  • Research/Finance Training - What is the importance of an end dates? What is a hold close date? etc.
  • ERS Approver Training will start in Spring 2014


  1. P-Card Descriptions: When purchasing toner/computers/printers, etc - you need to state who the purchases are for and location. (HHD encourages units but does not mandate to price these types of items from General Stores, who offers huge discounts, contract pricing and desktop delivery) before ordering from other vendors.
  2. Finance Office should be your first point of contact
  • Submitting ERS reports, locating ERS reports, payroll questions
  • If you are contacted by the ERS Help Desk make sure the Finance Office is in the loop.