Pamela Farley Short

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Professor of Health Policy and Administration and Demography

Contact Information

504E Donald H. Ford Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-863-2905


B.A, 1975, Economics, Wellesley College
Ph.D., 1984, Economics, Yale University

Teaching Interests

Research methods, U.S. health car, health economics

Research Interests

Public policies governing the organization and financing of health insurance and health care; personal and social costs of cancer; changes in people's lives (health insurance, employment, health) over time.

Selected Publications

Moran, J.R., P.F. Short. (2014). “Does Cancer Reduce Labor Market Entry? Evidence for Prime-Age Females,” Medical Care Research and Review 71(3): 224-242

Short, P.F. (2013). “The Battle over Health Care: What Obama’s Reform Means for America’s Future by Rosemary Gibson and Janardan Parsad Singh (Book Review).” Inquiry 50(2).

Yabroff, K.R., P.F. Short, S. Machlin, E. Dowling, H. Rozjabek, C. Li, T. McNeel, D.U. Ekwueme, K.S. Virgo. (2013). “Access to Preventive Healthcare for Cancer Survivors,” American Journal of Preventive Medicine 45(3):304-312.

Short, P.F., D. Graefe, K. Swartz, N. Uberoi. (2012). “New Estimates of Gaps and Transitions in Health Insurance,” Medical Care Research and Review 69(6):721-736.

Punekar, R.S., P.F. Short, J. Moran. (2012). “Use of Psychotropic Medications by U.S. Cancer Survivors,” Psycho-Oncology 21:1237-1243.

Hollenbeak, C.S., P.F. Short, J. Moran. (2011). “Implications of Cancer Survivorship for Spousal Employment, “ Journal of Cancer Survivorship: Research and Practice 5(3): 226-234.

Moran, J., P.F. Short, C.S. Hollenbeak. (2011). “Long-Term Employment Effects of Surviving Cancer,” Journal of Health Economics 30(3): 505-514.

Short, P.F., J. Moran, R. Punekar. (2011). “Medical Expenditures of Adult Cancer Survivors Under Age 65 in the U.S.,” CANCER 117(12): 2791-2800.

Short, P.F., C.J. Bradley, K.R. Yabroff. (2009). “Employment Status Among Cancer Survivors (Letter to the Editor),” JAMA 302(1):33.

Tunceli, K., P.F. Short, J. Moran, O. Tunceli. (2009). “Cancer Survivorship, Health Insurance, and Employment Transitions among Older Workers,” Inquiry.

Curriculum Vitae

Pamela Short vitae

Strategic Themes

  • Contexts and Social Institutions
  • Health Care Systems