Lucy C. Yu

Lucy C. YuProfessor Emeritus of Health Policy and Administration

Contact Information

114J Henderson Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802

(814) 863-7332

Research Interests

Disease patterns of the aged; race, ethnicity and health of U.S. population; cognitive impairment, depression, and functional status of institutionalized patients; family dynamics and gender roles in the care of aging parents; intergenerational conflict and support; health, mental health and health services utilization among Chinese elderly.

Teaching Interests

Epidemiology; research methods; health and disease; long-term care; public health


Yu, L.C., Zhang, A.Y., Draper, P., Kassab, C., and Miles, T. (1997) Cultural Correlates of Self-perceived Health Status Among Chinese Elderly. The Journal of Cross-cultural Gerontology. 12: 73-89. Principal Investigator, provided the conceptual frame work, designed the questionnaire, guided the analysis, wrote the and most of the article.

Zhang, A.Y., Yu, L.C., Yuan, J.P., Tong, Z.F., Yang, C.Y. & Foreman, S.E. (1997) Family and Cultural Correlates of Depression Among Chinese Elderly. International Journal of Social Psychiatry. 43(3): 199-212. Principal Investigator, provided the conceptual frame, designed the questionnaire, co-wrote the article with Zhang.

Foreman, S.E., Yu, L.C., Barley, D. & Chen, L.W. (Jan 1998) Use of Health Services by Chinese Elderly in Beijing. Medical Care 36(8): 1265-1286. Principal Investigator. Designed the questionnaire, supervised data collection, and data processing.

Yu, L.C., Winn, D.T., Horm, J.W. & Draper, P.C. (1998) Determinants of Health Status among Elderly in the United States. American Journal of Health Studies 14(4): 199-211. Did the analysis and the writing.

Yu, L. C. & Zhang, A.Y. (1999). Life Satisfaction Among Elderly Chinese in Beijing. J. of Cross Cultural Gerontology 13:109-125. Principal Investigator.

Zhang, A.Y., Yu, L.C., Draguns, J.G. & Tang, D.H. (2000). Sociocultural Context of Anthropophobia: A Sample of Chinese Youth. Social Psychiatry and Psychiatric Epidemiology, 35:418-426.

Zhang, A.Y., Yu, L.C., Zhang, J.X.,Tang, D.G., Draguns, J.G. (2001). Anthropophobia: its Meaning and Concomitant Experience. Internatioanl Journal of Social Psychiatry, 47(4),56-70.

Matila, A. Yu, L.C., & Apostolopoulos, Y. (2001). The Impact of Gender and Religion on College Students' Spring-Break Behavior. Journal of Travel Research. 40 (2), 193-199.

Yu, L.C., White, E., Zhang, A.Y., Draper, P.C., & He, H.D. (2001) Cultural Determinants of Health Status Among Elderly Beijing Residents. Submitted to Social Science and Medicine. Principal Investigator. Statistical analysis, writing.

Ibrahim, A. I., Beich, J., Sidorov, J., Gabbay, R., Yu, L.C. (2001). Measuring Outcomes of Type II Diabetes Disease Management Program in an HMO Setting. Accepted by The Southern Medical Journal.


Ph.D., 1981, Gerontology, University of Michigan

M.A., 1972, University of Michigan, Information Science

B.S., 1962, University of Michigan, School of Public Health