Financial Aid

For many students and their families, paying for a Penn State education requires careful budgeting. We hope that you will make use of PSU resources as you start or continue to invest in Penn State.


You may view estimated Penn State costs, which includes billable (such as tuition and fees) and non-billable (such as books and personal expenses) costs. This will give you an idea of what a student might spend at Penn State.

In addition to the costs shown on the charts, students may incur surcharges in certain academic colleges. For more information on surcharges, tuition, and fees, please access the Bursar's tuition rates information.

Financial Aid

The Office of Student Aid administers all major aid programs at Penn State and strives to ensure access to educational opportunity for those in greatest financial need. Penn State's Office of Student Aid provides assistance to graduate and undergraduate students through a variety of programs from federal, state, and institutional funding sources.

Undergraduate Resources

Undergraduates interested in learning about financial aid should consult the Office of Student Aid. Some sources of aid for undergraduates include:

Graduate Resources

The department has an excellent record of funding students who make regular progress toward their degrees. Many graduate students receive funding through research or teaching assistantships. Some receive funding through the graduate school or external programs. Links for additional information appear below:

HPA students are also eligible for funding through training and fellowship programs in gerontology, demography and prevention and methodology training. Finally, some graduate students are funded through federal programs at the National Institutes of Health or the National Science Foundation.

Additional Resources for Financial Aid