Graduate Admission Requirements for US Citizens and Permanent Residents

U.S. citizens and permanent residents wishing to apply to the HPA graduate degree programs should submit the following information, in order to be considered for admission to the respective program.

Suggested Grade Point Average (GPA) and Graduate Record Examination (GRE) Scores

Most students admitted for graduate study in the Department of Health Policy and Administration have a GPA greater than 3.2 and GRE scores above the 50th percentile on each test or GMAT score above 550 (for MHA candidates). Please understand that these are typical grades and scores; they do not guarantee admission.

What to submit

  1. Completed Graduate School Application
  2. Standardized test scores as required (GRE for M.S./Ph.D. or GRE or GMAT for M.H.A.) using the following codes as indicated on the testing form:
    • Institution Code and Name: 2660 Pennsylvania ST U University Park
    • Department Code and Name: 0607 Health Science Administration
    • M.H.A. Program Code (needed for GMAT): ZZ8-T7-02
  3. One unofficial transcript from each institution attended to be uploaded via the Graduate School Application.

Application Deadline

Our application deadline is February 1. Although we may continue to accept applications after February 1, prospective students who submit their applications by this date will improve their chances of admission and financial aid.

If you are ready to proceed to the application but have NOT read the Graduate School requirements, please first visit that website at