MHA Program Faculty

Penn State MHA program faculty bring with them a world of experience into the classroom. At Penn State you will have the opportunity to learn from both renowned scholars and former health care executives, providing you with a rich combination of rigor and relevance in the classroom. Most importantly, our faculty members are focused on helping you succeed.

Leadership Team

Jonathan Clark, PhD, Assistant Professor and Executive Director
  • Expertise: Leadership, Organization Design, Performance
  • Teaching: HPA 897A
Joseph Dionisio, Professor of Practice and Director of External Relations and Professional Development
  • Expertise: Health System Administration, Finance
  • Teaching: HPA 447, HPA 835

Susan Sanders, MS, Program Coordinator

Program Faculty

Rhonda BeLue, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Expertise: Epidemiology, Quantitative Methods
  • Teaching: HPA 523
S. Diane Brannon, PhD, Professor and Department Head
  • Expertise: Organization Theory, Long Term Care
  • Teaching: HPA 551
Christopher Calkins, PhD, Outreach Assistant Professor
  • Expertise: Marketing, Health System Organization
  • Teaching: HPA 850
Naleef Fareed, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Expertise: Organization Theory, Health Information Technology
  • Teaching: HPA 524
John Moran, PhD, Associate Professor
  • Expertise: Health Economics, Quantitative Methods
  • Teaching: HPA 545
Deirdre McCaughey, PhD, Assistant Professor
  • Expertise: Organizational Behavior, Health System Management
  • Teaching: HPA 556
Pamela Farley Short, PhD, Professor
  • Expertise: Health Economics, Managed Care
  • Teaching: HPA 520
Stephen Scattergood, MBA, Instructor
  • Expertise: Leadership Strategy, Entrepreneurship
  • Teaching: HPA 897A


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