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Staff Members

ISS has been in existence for 40 years. Our main office is in Room 16 BBH Building and we have staff located in Ford Building and Rec Hall. We are the College's IT service organization and are supported by the College's Dean's Office.


Bill Cooke
image of Bill Cooke

Systems Administrator III

15 BBH Building



Bill manages the Security, Servers and Network Division of ISS. In that role he maintains the college's servers and network infrastructure. He is also the College's Computer Security Officer. He has been with ISS since 2008.
Matt Dunmire
image of Matt Dunmire

IT Consultant III

29F Rec Hall



Matt joined ISS in 2011.  Previously he was the Help Desk manager at Florida Coastal School of Law. He supervises our Help Desk along with Chris and assists users in our West and North Campus locations with support and consulting needs.

Jonathan Essick
image of Jon Essick

IT Support Specialist II

10 BBH Building



Jon was recently promoted to a full time position. He supports the IT needs of the Henderson Building Complex.



Don Fink

IT Support Specialist III

8 BBH Building



Don holds B.S. degrees in Biology and Computer Science from Penn State University.  He is responsible for desktop support in our Henderson Building Campus location as well as "the houses" and Research D. Don has worked for PSU for over 25 years. He joined ISS in 2009.

Nick Gallo

IT Support Specialist II

12 BBH Building



Nick joined us in 2010 after graduating from IST. His service area includes Downtown locations and Chandlee Lab.


Christopher Greiner
image of Christopher Greiner

IT Consultant III

14 BBH Building



Chris Greiner supervises our Help Desk. All desktop computer needs of our faculty and staff are handled by his area. Chris also provides IT consulting for researchers in our South and East Campus areas. Chris joined ISS in 2000.
Craig Gruneberg


5 BBH Building



Craig has been Director of ISS since 1997. Prior to this position, Craig held system administration, programming, and hardware design positions for Penn State and private sector companies.



Amy Long
image of Amy Long

Administrative Support Assistant II

16 BBH Building



Amy is our staff assistant who also provides limited IT phone support. She is the bright, cheery voice you hear when you call our main line- 865-INFO. If she can't answer your questions she will direct your call to the appropriate ISS area.
Nick Murarik
image of Nick   Murarik

Systems Administrator II

13 BBH Building



Nick is a Systems Administrator with the college. He works with Bill on server administration, network stability, and security for our eighteen campus locations. He began working for ISS in 2009.


Shannon Pugh
image of Shannon Pugh

IT Trainer II

6 BBH Building



Shannon's classes on various IT topics are available to all College employees. Her classes cover technology unique to the College as well as technologies offered centrally. Shannon's ability to make the complicated simple is appreciated by her students.


 Greg Ruggiero
image of Greg Ruggiero

IT Support Specialist II

601C Ford



Greg was recently promoted to IT Support Specialist II and relocated to Ford Building. Greg now handles service requests for HPA, RPTM, ComDis, and SHM. He also supports a few clients in Keller Building.
Joe Drelick
image of Joe Drelick

IT Support Specialist I


11 BBH Building


Our newest staff member is Joe Drelick. Joe recently moved from a part time computer support tech to a full time IT Support Specialist. Joe's duties will be phone support and in general assisting users with their IT concerns.


Intern Gallery

ISS has been fortunate to be able to "employ" interns, primarily from the College of IST, to assist us with our work over the last few years. Every semester we search for and interview students who have an internship requirement associated with their degree. They work closely with experienced IT professionals and gain valuable insight into the IT world.

Currently we have the following interns taking care of business in the College:



Natasha Csicsmann




Our technicians are Dell and Lenovo laptop trained and certified too!