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'How To' Information Guides

Need assistance installing or configuring an Application? Need to change your password within an Application? Want to learn how to configure email filters? Are you interested in using the TSM (Tivoli) backup service provided by ITS? Then the "How To" Information Guides will help you along the way.


Here you will find all the application forms our College uses to request IT services from ISS.

Sharing Large Files

Occasionally we are asked by researchers how they can share large files or datasets with their colleagues around the world. They run up against size limitations with email, and some other services available here at Penn State have size limitations too. We just became aware of Wuala - Secure Online Storage. It looks very interesting. You can obtain gigabytes of secure storage for little to no money. Some Lacie USB flash drives provide free Wuala storage. If you want to instantly share large files that exceed the email limit (10MB) check out Waula.

Wireless Networks

Having trouble connecting to the wireless networks in HHD?  Check here for information on how to connect.  Also, general questions can be directed to the ITS Help Desk.

Utilities and Instructions

Cisco VPN Client

Instructions are located here for installing the Cisco VPN Client on computers to allow access to a LAN protected by one of our firewalls.