Tips on IT Purchases

Product decisions are complicated these days. When contemplating the purchase of education technology equipment please consider your first step a call to us. The very thought of purchasing computers, printers, projectors. etc qualifies you for free advice! With printers there are certain features you should be aware of based on the intended use. Only certain brands of computers have fast turnaround at ISS- Dell, Lenovo, and maybe Apple (maybe!)! Projector prices are still dropping so let us help you maximize your investment.

When shopping for PCs one thing to avoid, unless you have a very good reason to the contrary, is Windows Vista. Neither ISS nor ITS (the central PSU IT group) has recommended Vista since its introduction in November, 2006. We see many cases where computers purchased with Vista are later redone with Windows XP. We are avoiding Vista and plan to move right to Windows 7.

Also, when choosing a version of Windows, be advised that “home” versions cannot be used on the College’s network. You must purchase “Windows XP Professional”. Any “home” installs will have to be upgraded, causing lost time and inconvenience.

In the future we expect that ISS will have a more active role in the purchase of information technology equipment used in CHHD. Making choices is becoming more difficult. Please keep our offer to assist in mind when the urge strikes to buy something new! Call us for advice or drop your question via email to

We consider this to be a wise investment of your time that will lead to happier computing for all!