PASS File Services


PASS is a collection of disk drives that are maintained by the central IT group at Penn State, ITS. Both personal PASS space and Departmental (project) PASS space are available to all faculty, staff, and students of the University. Personal PASS is free; Departmental PASS is provided free by our College up to 100GB per account (metered out as needed).

You can access your PASS space via a mapped drive, just like the type of mapped drives available in Windows. Once mapped and logged in, reading and writing files to PASS is no different than if the files were on your local disk. PASS files are also backed up on a reguar basis.


Below you will find detailed information about PASS, from mapping it on your PC or Mac, to creating groups of users that can access Departmental PASS, to requesting initial or additional allocations of Departmental PASS.


Personal PASS Space Directions


Need help connecting to your PASS Space - click here.  Learn how to change your quota size here

Working from home? Learn how to use the VPN Client with your mapped PASS Space at home.  

Watch the PASS training video now!

Please check out the PASS FAQ document.


Directions for connecting to PASS using the Map PSU Utility Tool

Directions for manually mapping your PASS Space on your Windows computer

Directions for manually mapping your PASS Space on your Mac computer


Requesting Additional Departmental PASS Space


Information on additional departmental PASS space beyond the 100GB provided free by the College can be found here. Look under "Web/Disk Space-Department" for rates and info. You can submit the form noted below if you are already at or over the 100GB max provided by the College. You will need an ITS Charge Account in order to purchase space above the 100GB gift provided by the College.


ISS must request ALL additional PASS space for our users who are at or under the 100GB max. It can take about 2 weeks to get new space or an increase in existing space. If you are at or over 100GB you can submit the form on your own.


The form for purchasing more departmental PASS space is here. Email or call us and we will guide you through the process. How you proceed depends on where you are with your current allocation- under 100GB or over 100GB.


User Managed Groups (Departmental PASS Space Config/Permissions)


Directions for User Managed Groups (UMGs)

Video: Getting started with Departmental PASS

Video: How to add a person to your Department PASS

Video: How to create a new User Managed Group

Directions for manually mapping your Departmental Space on Windows

Directions for making permission changes to folders in your Departmental PASS

Directions for creating a new UMG in Departmental PASS

Directions for adding new people to Departmental PASS