Configure a Smartphone

One of the ISS “For Fee” services is smartphone configuration. There are 3 aspects of smartphone configuration that are unique to PSU:

1. Email (UCS)
2. Calendar (UCS)
3. Wi-Fi (psu, attwifi)

Configuring your phone to access these services is what is included in our service. All 3 of the services listed above are provided by ITS (the central PSU IT group).


As you know there are many varieties of smartphones. There is an assortment of operating systems including Apple, Android, and Windows. Within a given family of smartphone there are multiple models. And within those multiple models there are various versions of the operating system. Taken all together this presents a daunting array of combinations. Compare this
to our desktop support service where we are working primarily with Dell and Apple hardware and Windows and Mac operating systems (2 to 3 versions of each).


To assist smartphone users in the College we checked with all 3 major carriers – Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. They all said they will configure PSU email and PSU calendaring for a customer. We are doubtful but we encourage you to ask them to do this when you purchase the smartphone.


You are bound to experience frustration with our smartphone service due to the complexity described above and to us not possessing this technology. Please bear with us. Under our restructured HelpDesk system, we expect to assign all smartphone service calls to one technician. Hopefully that tech will then
be as familiar as possible with the myriad of choices we are presented with. Our intention is to provide a level of service to you that is better than what you can obtain in doing the work yourself and filling in if the carrier does a less than satisfactory job.