101 Health and Human Development Building East


  • Classroom, Seminar or Video Conference seating arrangements (30 seats currently available)
  • Front and rear video camera with switching from podium touch screen or "director's" touch screen (remote unit)
  • Collaborative learning environment by virtue of modular furniture and wireless laptops
  • A laptop is installed on the podium.
  • Campus Cable TV is installed. To view cable use VCR and select channels on VCR


image of 101 HHD East



  • Polycom ViewStation VSX 7000e with ceiling microphone array
  • 21 Dell Latitude 630 laptops on a private wireless network with Internet access
  • 50" high definition plasma TV
  • 12 speaker in-ceiling sound system
  • Epson ceiling mounted LCD projector
  • Dell Latitude D630 podium laptop
  • AMX Touch Screen Control System with remote
  • Remote controlled room lighting
  • Document camera
  • VCR
  • DVD
  • Wall phone for help or for use during a conference (814-863-5942)
  • IP for "dialing" into Polycom:


This is a College of Health & Human Development (CHHD) maintained and controlled facility. Only departments, schools and centers in CHHD can reserve the room. Reservations will no longer be accepted from outside parties.

Send an email to hhd-iss@psu.edu to schedule the facility. Check out the calendar for East 101 on our Online Resource Calendars page to find open times.


Please plan to pick up the keys to 101 HHD East on the day you have it reserved in the ISS office, 203 South Henderson Building. See Amy Long for the keys.


Technical assistance for an event should be provided by the requesting area's Liaison or by processing a Service Request to ISS. ISS should be contacted when there is a problem with the equipment.