102 Health and Human Development Building East


  • IP 2-Way Video Conferencing - multi-way capability available when using the Penn State Video Bridge
  • Single video camera located in front of room (Polycom HDX8000 System)
  • Two Modes - Presentation and Video Conference
  • Occupancy - 22
  • IP for "dialing" into Polycom:
  • H.323 Alias = 57428
  • Analog phone line for adding a phone participant: 814-865-8291


image of 102 HHD East



  • Polycom HDX8000 Videoconference System
  • Touchscreen control via Crestron system
  • 2 wall mounted LCD monitors
  • Four tabletop video monitors
  • Ceiling mounted video projector
  • Laptop connect port in tabletop
  • Color printing
  • DVD w/recording capability
  • Equipment can also be used for Adobe Connect sessions


The School of Nursing has first priority on scheduling this room. Once they have scheduled their courses for the semester, other College affiliates can reserve the space. This room is not available for scheduling by those not affiliated with the College.

Call Tom Rodgers at 863-2220 to schedule the facility. If you have a Penn State Access Account you can check out the calendar for East 102 on our Online Resource Calendars page to find open times.


Keys are available for pickup in room 201 Health and Human Development East Building.


image of 102 HHD East



For questions on video conferencing in the East 102, call Tom at 863-2220. His office is located in 216 Health and Human Development East. His email address is tar25@psu.edu.

The TNS Videoconference Room Information page for East 102 is available here.