Team Technology Center (TTC), Room 117 Mateer


  • 4 speaker in-ceiling sound system
  • Toshiba TLP-X20 ceiling mounted LCD projector
  • 32 Dell Latitude D610 laptops with 802.11G wireless network capability
  • 32 DVD/CDRW and 5 Floppy drives are available for laptops
  • Podium with Dell Optiplex GX280 desktop
  • VCR
  • DVD


image of 117 Mateer


Software Installed on Laptops

The following are some of the software packages installed on the laptops. For a full list of applications, look here.

  • Microsoft Office 2003 Professional
  • HOTS
  • ScoreCast Tournament
  • NTN RSViP Reservations


There are 2 HP 4050N laser printers installed in the TTC. They are located in the rear of the room. Their queue names are "left" and "right." The instructor should request that half the students select the left printer and half the right to share the load between the 2 printers. The instructor should also assure that there is adequate paper in the trays to handle the printing jobs.

Paper and toner for the printers are supplied by SHM, 201 Mateer.


  • Collaborative learning environment by virtue of modular furniture and wireless laptops.
  • A personal laptop can be used in the room. There are podium connections for video and audio. A network port, number 106, is active for accessing the campus network or the Internet. You will need to call our Liaison in SHM for network settings.


As this is a CHHD maintained and controlled facility, departments, schools and centers in CHHD have first priority for reserving the space. If other times are open, outside groups can reserve as needed. You can view the room calendar at this Classroom and Lab Computing website.

Scheduling of the TTC is done by the School of Hospitality Management (SHM) administration office in room 201 Mateer. Call 865-1853 and ask for either Ellie Witherite or Brenda Condo.


There are multiple keys for this room. You can pick them up in 201 Mateer. Keys are provided to open the door to the room, the doors on the laptop cabinet, the computer peripheral cabinet, and the podium.


For general questions on the facility, call the SHM administration office at 865-1853.   For specific questions about the equipment or its capability, call ISS (865-INFO) or email us at

If you would like to request that certain software packages be installed on the laptops, complete this form (.pdf) and send it to the attention of Craig Gruneberg, 203 S. Henderson Building. There is a deadline listed on the form by which your submission must be received. This deadline is to assure that there are no changes made to the laptops during a semester. Doing so can have adverse affects. Software licensing arrangements must be made prior to the package being installed.

If you experience a problem with the equipment in the room while using it, follow this table to decide who to call:


Item Not Working
Audio and Video Equipment
ISS (865-INFO)
This includes the PA system, VCR, DVD Player, and Projector
ISS (865-INFO)
If you need access to the campus backbone and the Internet, make sure you leave the left hand laptop cabinet door ajar. That door controls the power to the wireless network. When it is closed, the network doesn't exist.
Printer SHM Office - 865-1853 Toner and Paper are provided by the SHM Office. If you have difficulty printing, call ISS 865-INFO.
Heating/Air Conditioning/Lighting CHHD Facilities - 863-0890


If you experience a problem with any of the equipment which can wait, call or visit our SHM Computer Liaison in Room 201 Mateer. Describe the problem to them. They will contact our office for help.