Wireless Advice for Students

Reading the newspaper and doing crossword puzzles in class have existed as popular diversions for years. However, laptops (especially those with Internet connections) promise a new level of distraction for students and threaten the instructional focus of the classroom environment.

As a student, it is important to consider the power of wirelessly connected devices and to use that power appropriately. Never before has a student had the ability to maintain a physical presence in a classroom while communicating with the outside world in such a way as is possible with modern wireless devices. Having the Internet at your fingertips has tremendous benefits to you as a student, both in its ability for independent exploration and clarification of ideas discussed in the classroom.

Here are some important guidelines for you to consider:

Stay on Task

Don’t Distract Others

Don't Distract Yourself

Used with permission of University of Wisconsin-Madison, http://www.doit.wisc.edu/network/wireless/advice_stu.asp