College IT Resources: Wireless Networks

ISS continues to deploy wireless in HHD buildings. Many of our wireless networks are based on the ITS SecureNet design. This means you will use the same method to connect to wireless in HHD buildings that you use to connect to wireless in the HUB and other locations on campus that use ITS SecureNet.

Instructions for configuring your computer to connect to the wireless networks are available here. General questions should be directed to the ITS HelpDesk. Questions can also be directed to There is a small PowerPoint presentation you may download and review here as well.

Although wireless networking can be a aid in the classroom there may be times when instructors see the need to restrict its use, such as during test times. The following advice may help both faculty and students limit its distraction.

Wireless in the Classroom: Advice for Faculty

Wireless in the Classroom: Advice for Students

Wireless is currently available in the following HHD buildings. We cannot guarantee coverage throughout entire buildings due to the nature of radio transmissions, but are focusing mainly on classrooms and common spaces. The following links will bring up maps of the access point locations for the various buildings and will describe where you can expect coverage: