Departmental PASS Application Procedure


  • The department administrator or project leader will fill out the “ISS Request for Project Space” form.
  • ISS will receive the form, transfer the information and submit the new form to ITS.  The process usually takes a week.
  • ITS will confirm that the space has been created to ISS.  ISS will create the User Managed Groups (security groups) for the project pass space.
  • Project leaders can designate two Administrators and ISS will also be added as an administrator on the space.
  • Once the initial security permissions are set the project leader will be able to make all security permission changes without contacting ISS.
  • The file paths should be fewer than 220 characters.  Any file path that is longer than 220 characters will need to be shortened by the project leader.
  • Instructions will be sent out to the project leader/administrators on how to copy data to the new project pass space.  They will have two weeks to copy any data from the ISS servers to the newly created project space.
  • The project leader is required to contact ISS when all data has been moved from the ISS servers to the new project space.
  • ISS will then remove your previously connected network drives and disable your access to the ISS fileserver.