Specialized Services

ISS welcomes the opportunity to assist faculty and staff in any way possible with information technology issues. Occasionally, we get requests for services that fall outside our traditional offerings; services not covered by our IT Fee Assessment. Examples are custom programming jobs, Smartphone configuration, and server administration.  

For these types of services, we would first evaluate the request to make sure we have the experience and manpower needed.  If we feel we can do the work, we would supply an estimate, listing the amount of time and other resources needed to complete the job.  The hourly rate for custom services is $36.43/hour.

Departments, centers, and schools in the college should submit a Service Request for these types of services. Please make a note on the form that a Specialized Service is being requested.

ISS cannot guarantee that we will be able to take on every Specialized Service Request but we will review the job and pass along our opinion promptly.