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Shannon Pugh, the College's IT Trainer, offers classes in IT subjects of direct interest to the College. Some of the topics she has covered are:


  • Use of tech rooms including video conference equipment
  • Orientation to webinar packages like Adobe Connect 
  • How to use PASS file space
  • Working with Identity Finder


Below you will find a list of her course material. Feel free to use as needed.


Training Classes

November Training Schedule

 If you are intersted in scheduling a group, individual, or online training please contact Shannon Pugh.

Box Cloud Storage


iPad Resoures

New Employee Training

This training session is designed to help new employee's become familiar with the following: Computer Accounts, UCS email, PASS Space, Computer Security, College Sustainability, ISS vs. ITS, Video Conference resources, Serive Request System, etc. Please contact Shannon Pugh for questions.


University Collaborative Suite (UCS)

UCS Help Guides and Videos

In addition to the training handouts a UCS Overview video was created to help you with the transition.  Take a moment and watch the video it is very helpful!


UCS Tips and Tricks

Some of your questions (ex: font size, spell check, forwarding mail,etc) can be answered by just reviewing this helpguide

Can I attach my Google calendar to UCS?

Google calendars can be shared out from Google as either public or private, and the level of viewing can also be controlled from your Google account. Once you setup the sharing , use the ICS link to pull that calendar into the UCS account by creating a new calendar and choosing the bottom option to "Synchronize appointments from remote calendar."

How do I create a resource calendar in UCS?

Every department has a resource calendar administrator. If you are an administrator you will log into this site. Then follow these directions for creating a new resource calendar in UCS. Once you create the resource you will login to the "Admin Console" in your UCS account to create the link.

How do I create a public link to my resource calendar?

Please follow these directions.


Personal PASS Space Directions

Pass space is storage space available to anyone at Penn State.  Need help connecting to your PASS Space click here.  Learn how to change your quota size. 

Working from home? Learn how to use the VPN Client with mapping your PASS Space at home.  

Watch the training video now! Please check out the FAQ document.

Directions for connecting to PASS using the Map PSU Utility Tool

Directions for Manually Mapping your PASS Space on your computer

Directions fro Manually Mapping your PASS Spac on your Mac Computer

Need to purchase more PASS Space? Click here for details.

Form for purchasing more space. Select "Change disk allocation of previously requested service."

PASS Space Mobile App for iPad


User Managed Groups (Project or Department PASS space directions)

Directions for User Managed Groups (UMGs)

Video: Getting started with Project or Department space

Video: How to add a person to your Project or Department space

Video: How to create a new group

Directions for Manually Mapping your Project Space (PC)

Directions for making permission changes to folders in your Project Space

Directions for creating a new group in PASS Space

Directions for adding new people to PASS Space

Directions for using the VPN and Mapping your Department/Project Space (working from home)



Please read this information.


Video Conference

HHD East Henderson Room 101, HHD East Henderson Room 102, and 127 Noll Lab are all Video Conference ready.  To schedule these rooms please click on the links provided. View this guide to help you get started. If you need to setup a video bridge you can find the information here.

Here is a list of Video Conference rooms at the University.


Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is a form of online-conferencing.  This software can also be used for online classes. To find out more about Adobe Connect please click here.


VPN/Remote Desktop/Mapping Drives

Working from home is an easy process. First, you need the correct VPN settings installed. You will also need your computer's IP Address. Once you have this information you can proceed with these directions.