Athletic Training Major

The athletic training major provides a concentrated program of courses designed to prepare you for a career in athletic training. You will complete the program to meet the standards for certification by the Board of Certification and the State of Pennsylvania as a certified athletic trainer.

Forms and Documents

Please see the documents below for recommended and required courses in the athletic training major.

NOTE: Students are admitted to the athletic training major on a competitive, space-available basis. Admission to the major is not guaranteed despite successful completion of the prerequisites. Upon admission to the major, students complete a 5 semester sequence of course work and supervised clinical rotations. Students typically commit a minimum of 200-300 hours to practicum experiences in each of the last 4 semesters of the program.

It is recommended that students at all Penn State locations complete the Athletic Training Program Application as soon as athletic training is identified as a possible goal. In order to meet the sequence of course requirements, there is an Athletic Training Program list for enrollment in the pre-athletic training core, Kines 231 and Kines 233. These two courses are only offered at University Park in the fall semesters. The Athletic Training Program Application is linked below.

Students seeking to transfer from other colleges and universities will have their transcripts evaluated after acceptance to Penn State to identify those courses and credits that will be applied to completion of degree requirements. Course work specific to the athletic training major will not be considered for transfer unless completed in an Athletic Training Education (CAATE) accredited athletic training education program and approved by the program director.

What is Athletic Training?

Recommended Academic Plan

Athletic Training Major Requirements

Sequencing of Course Work

Athletic Training Mission and Goals Statement

Graduation Plan Worksheet (blank)

AT Program Application

Technical Standards

Three-year Aggregate Pass Rate for Students Sitting for the Board of Certification (BOC) Exam

Fields 2010-2011 2011-2012 2012-2013 3 yr Aggregate
Number of students graduating from program. 20 20 21 41
Number of students graduating from program who took examination. 20 20 21 41
Number of students who passed the examination on the first attempt. 19 18 21 39
Percentage of students who passed the examination on the first attempt. 95.00 90.00 100.00 95.12
Number of students who passed the examination regardless of the number of attempts. 19 20 21 41
Percentage of students who passed the examination regardless of the number of attempts. 95.00 100.00 100.00 100.00

Clinical Preceptor Training:

Please follow the link to complete the tutorial and fill out verification form:

Limitation on the number of transfer courses used for KINES 300-Level core:

Effective FA15, out of the Kines 300-level core courses (Kines 321, 341 soon to be a new course, 345, 350, 360, and 384), only up to two courses (6 credits) can be transferred in and used towards graduation for the Kinesiology or Athletic Training Majors.

Policy 83-80 limitations on source and time for credit acquisition:

In accordance with Policy 83-80.5, the Department of Kinesiology requires at least 24 credits of prescribed coursework in the major to be completed at the location or in the college or program where the degree is earned. Distance Education or World Campus courses may not be counted toward this 24-credit minimum. The 24 credits includes the capstone course in the major: Kines 495B for the Movement Science Option ; Kines 495F for the Athletic Training Major; and Kines 495C for the Exercise Science Option.

Athletic Training Contact Information

Athletic Training Major Office
Department of Kinesiology
276 Recreation Building
Pennsylvania State University
University Park, PA 16802