Physical and Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) Option

The Physical and Health Education Teacher Education (PHETE) option prepares teachers for K-12 Health and Physical Education. It includes all the academic requirements for the Instructional I Certificate in these fields issued by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. In addition, graduates are prepared for alternative careers as teachers in private business or program directors in agency or club settings.

Forms and Documents

Please see the documents below for recommended and required courses in the PHETE option.

Practicum Information

Each Kinesiology option culminates in a practicum experience, as part of the curriculum. Read more about Kinesiology practicum experiences.

Clearance Requirements

Multiple clearances are required in order to take all of the field experiences in PHETE. Read more about PHETE clearance requirements.

Admission Requirements

There are several entrance requirements for all University teacher preparation programs. In addition to special clearances and liabilities insurances are required for all PHETE field experiences.

  1. A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 3.0

  2. Passing scores in PECT PAPA TESTS for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics
    (**Note: If you took any of the PRAXIS I exams for Reading, Writing, and Mathematics prior to April 2, 2012, please see a Kinesiology Advisor**)

  3. Completion of an education core: EDPSY 14 and EDTHP 115

  4. An early field experience preferably in a diverse setting (one with at least 25 percent minority students) for KINES majors, KINES 295A

  5. 6 credits of required course work in the teaching field with a grade of C or higher for KINES majors: KINES 141 and 180

  6. ENGL 015 or 030

  7. 6 credits of Quantification (GQ)

  8. 3 credits of Literature (from approved list)

  9. Completion of a minimum of 48 credits

  10. Documented evidence showing completion of at least 80 hours of paid or volunteer work in a setting with an age-appropriate population, including a minimum of 40 hours with the majority of students, who are from an underrepresented group, a mentally or physically challenged group, or a group different from the candidate's own background

  11. Approval by the PHETE Entrance to Option Coordinator

Additional Information needed for PHETE students: