Undergraduate Program Goals

Kinesiology offers a comprehensive program of study in the scientific, social, and cultural understandings of human movement and is designed for students who want to prepare for professions involving physical activity and for graduate study in related areas. The Department of Kinesiology at University Park offers a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology (Movement Science Option) and Athletic Training. A core curriculum provides students in each of the areas with a comprehensive, interdisciplinary knowledge of physical activity.

Kinesiology and Athletic Training Majors: Student Learning Objectives

The core curriculum (Kines 141, 180, 202, 321, 345, 350, 360, and 384) required of all kinesiology majors stresses the following learning outcomes:

  1. Understand human movement from scientific and socio-cultural perspectives.

  2. Understand and critically evaluate scientific theories and methods.

  3. Produce independent work as well as work efficiently in a group or team.

  4. Analyze quantitative information.

  5. Demonstrate ability to think critically.

  6. Demonstrate competency for planning and implementing kinesiology-related health and behavior change interventions and programs.

  7. Demonstrate proficiency in identifying major bones, boney landmarks, joints, ligaments, and muscles on diagrams, skeletons, models, and/or people.

  8. Understand physiological and neurological systems involved in movement and exercise.

  9. Identify mechanical principles and describe how these principles apply to human movement.

  10. Perform assessments of physical activity, injury, and diagnosis.

  11. Demonstrate personal, professional, and ethical competency.

  12. Demonstrate prerequisite competency and proficiencies for certification examinations in fitness, wellness, and athletic training.

  13. Demonstrate ability to work with individuals from diverse backgrounds.