Chun-Chu (Bamboo)  Chen 

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Contact Information

812 Donald H. Ford Building
The Pennsylvania State University
University Park PA 16802


(fax) 814-867-1751


Ph.D., Recreation, Park and Tourism Science, Texas A & M University, 2012
M.S., Tourism and Recreation Management, National Dong Hwa University, Taiwan, 2007
B.A., Civil Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taiwan, 2004

Research Interests

Health and wellness benefits of leisure travel

Tourism marketing and advertising

Selected Publications

Selected Publications
Chen, C.-C., & Petrick, J. F. Tourism experiences as a stress reliever: Examining the effects of tourism recovery experiences on life satisfaction. Journal of Travel Research (accepted, not yet in print).

Chen, C.-C., Lai, Y.-H. R., Petrick, J. F., & Lin, Y.-H. Tourism between divided nations: An examination of stereotyping on the formation of destination image. Tourism Management (accepted, not yet in print).

Chen, C.-C., Jiang, J., & Lin, Y.-H. Segmenting Taiwanese tourists to China by ethnic identity and generation. Journal of Vacation Marketing (accepted, not yet in print).

Chen, C.-C., & Petrick, J. F. (2013). Health and wellness benefits of travel experiences: A literature review. Journal of Travel Research (in press).

Huang, W.-J., Chen, C.-C., Lin, Y.-H. (2013). Cultural proximity and intention to visit: destination image of Taiwan as perceived by Mainland Chinese visitors. Journal of Destination Marketing & Management (in press).

Chen, C.-C., Lin, Y.-H., & Petrick, J. F. (2013). Social biases of destination perceptions. Journal of Travel Research, 52(2), 240-252.

Chen, C.-C. & Lin, Y.-H. (2012). Segmenting Mainland Chinese tourists to Taiwan by destination familiarity: A factor-cluster approach. International Journal of Tourism Research, 14(4), 339-352.

Chen, C.-C., Lin, Y.-H., & Petrick, J. F. (2012). International stereotype and the collective construction of destination image. Tourism Analysis, 17(1), 55-66.

Lin, Y.-H., Chen, C.-C., Park, C. W. (2012). The salient and organic images of Taiwan as perceived by Mainland Chinese Tourists. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 17(4), 381-393.

Chen, C.-C., & Lin, Y.-H (2012). A qualitative assessment of destination saliency. International Journal of Leisure and Tourism Marketing, 3(2), 146-160.

Courses Taught

RPTM 300Y Tourism and Leisure Behavior

RPTM 410 Marketing of Recreation Services

Strategic Themes

  • Domains of Health and Behavior
  • Contexts and Social Institutions