Faculty and Staff in PGA Golf Management

Dr. G. Burch Wilkes, IVDr. G. Burch Wilkes, IV


Dr. Burch Wilkes serves as the director of the Penn State University PGA Golf Management Program. Prior to being named Director, Wilkes was the assistant director of the program from 1997 to 2005. During this time, Wilkes also served as director of merchandising at the Penn State Golf Courses, when Golf World Business Magazine recognized it for three consecutive years as one of "America's Best 100 Golf Shops." Prior to 1997, he was an assistant golf professional with Marriott Golf. Wilkes serves as a faculty member at Penn State and teaches the Golf Operations Management course required in the PGA Golf Management Program, a section of the First-Year Seminar course for all Penn State students, and additional RPTM/PGA Program courses. He completed his Ph.D. in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management at Penn State in 2008, focusing his research on issues related to the golf industry. He completed an M.S. degree in Recreation and Park Management at Penn State University in 1994, and a B.S. degree in sport management at Guilford College in Greensboro, North Carolina, in 1990.

Stevie LovellStevie Lovell
Assistant Director


Stevie Lovell serves as the assistant director of the PGA Golf Management Program. She received her master's as well as her bachelor's degree in Recreation and Park Management at Penn State University. Stevie is the golf management admissions and advising coordinator involved in assisting with admissions to the option and advising students on academic issues. She also serves as the PGA checkpoint coordinator assisting with monitoring student's progress through the PGA's Golf Management program and coordinating PGA Checkpoints. Stevie has served on the Penn State faculty in Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management since 1990. She currently teaches the Introduction to Recreation Services course, as well as a variety of PGA specific classes and a section of the First-Year Seminar course.

Eric HandleyEric Handley
Golf Teaching & Research Center


Eric Handley received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees in park, recreation, and tourism management with a concentration in sports management from North Carolina State University. Prior to arriving at Penn State, Eric was a club professional at St. Ives Country Club in Duluth, Georgia, Treyburn Country Club in Durham, North Carolina, and the Homestead Resort in Hot Springs, Virginia. From 2005 to 2009, Handley served as assistant director and internship coordinator for Penn State’s PGA Golf Management program. As a faculty member within the department, Handley now serves as the director of Penn State’s Golf Teaching & Research Center. Most recently, he has become certified as a Golf Fitness Instructor and Golf Biomechanist. He combines his years of experience in higher education with his experience as a golf professional to coordinate the PGM Player Development Program, facilitates students’ progression toward their undergraduate degree and PGA membership, teaches PGA Golf Management specific classes, and serves as liaison between the students and golf equipment manufacturers.

Brian Soulé Brian Soulé
Internship Coordinator/Assistant Director


Brian Soulé earned a master's degree in sport and leisure service management from the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) where he served as a graduate assistant with the UNLV PGA Golf Management Program. Soulé received his bachelor's degree in parks, recreation and tourism management from Clemson University, and he is a graduate of Clemson’s PGA Golf Management program. He has worked in the golf industry for ten years, gaining experience through positions at a number of facilities including the Sea Pines Resort in South Carolina and California’s Pebble Beach Golf Links. Elected to PGA membership in 2006, Soulé served as PGA Head Professional at Green Hill Yacht & Country Club in Quantico, Maryland, before attending UNLV. As a faculty member, he serves as the internship coordinator helping students select internship sites and serving as liaison between students and PGA professionals. He is involved with advising students on academic issues and facilitating students’ progression toward PGA membership. Brian also currently teaches Introduction to Commercial Recreation and Tourism, a section of Player Development, and a number of the Golf Management specific courses within the RPTM curriculum. He is also the co-adviser to the Golf Management Student Society.

Darla HousemanDarla Houseman
Staff Assistant


Darla Houseman is an integral part of the entire PGA Golf Management Program. In addition to being responsible for all student records & alumni information, she can also be found working on maintaining program calendars, handling and processing all financial transactions in the program, and providing much needed support at our many PGA Golf Management Program events.

Dr. Frank GuadagnoloDr. Frank Guadagnolo
Professor Emeritus


Dr. Frank Guadagnolo served as the professor-in-charge of the Penn State PGA Golf Management Program from its inception in 1990 until 2005. For several years, Guadagnolo conducted marketing seminars for hundreds of PGA professionals throughout the United States. While retired from the PGA Golf Management program, he remains active in the industry through his research and consulting.