B.S. in RPTM - Outdoor Recreation Option

This option prepares students for careers with outdoor recreation and environment-oriented organizations in the public and private sector. The option offers three tracks.

The environmental interpretation track focuses on natural and cultural history interpretation, including environmental education. Many of the courses in this track are taught by faculty of Shaver's Creek Environmental Center. This track prepares students to work as interpreters or environmental educators in parks, nature centers, historic sites, camps, and similar organizations.

The adventure-based programming track emphasizes leadership and management skills needed to implement adventure-based programs. This track prepares students to work as leaders or guides for adventure activities in adventure businesses, camps, and schools.

The park management track prepares students to manage natural resources, facilities, and visitors in federal, state, and local parks, commercial outdoor facilities, and camps.

Recommended Academic Plans

Semester-by-semester academic plans recommend the courses students might schedule each semester as they pursue a particular degree.

The plans will help you to identify normal academic progress, course offerings, and recommended course sequencing They can assist students and advisers in planning academic schedules, registrars and departments in planning course offerings, and registrars and deans in determining when students should change campus.

Semester scheduling recommendations for all baccalaureate majors can also be found in the University Bulletin.