School of Hospitality Management

The Penn State School of Hospitality Management is home of one of the most prestigious and well-respected programs of its kind in the nation.

By combining a broad educational foundation with "real-world experiences" and other opportunities for students to hone their leadership and communication skills, the School of Hospitality Management and its predecessor programs have equipped students to become industry leaders for over 75 years.


We, the Penn State School of Hospitality Management, will be without equal in educating leaders for the dynamic and global hospitality industry.


The School of Hospitality Management provides outstanding leadership for a global and dynamic hospitality industry. Its programs, research, and service to the profession are at the forefront of hospitality management education, and its faculty, staff, and students bring a new level of proficiency to the hospitality industry. The School inspires all students to pursue excellence in scholarship, exhibit a strong work ethic, and become responsible and ethical hospitality leaders.

Learn more about the programs we offer, our state-of-the-art facilities, our world-class faculty and our alumni—many who have gone on to become the top executives in their field.

Michael Leven