Career Center: Information for Students

Placement Office policies for students

  • It is important to attend an Interfase orientation session to become familiar with the system
  • Students are responsible to manage interviews and resume submission

Student cancellation policy

  • Students who are a no-show for an interview you will be denied access to Interfase. To be reinstated in the program, you must write a formal letter of apology to the employer and a copy must be sent to Rosemarie Hibbler
  • In those exceptional circumstances where illness or a personal emergency have caused a late cancellation or no-show, you must contact the Placement Office either by phone(814-863-1448) or email ( to explain the situation. This will prevent students being excluded from Interfase.

SHM Internship Information

Internship information: An “internship” is a structured program designed by the employer to provide the student intern with a variety of learning experiences in the hospitality business. Although a formal internship is not required as part of the 1000 hours of the work experience requirement, qualified students who participate in such a program find it very beneficial in exploring job options and establishing contacts. Corporations which invest time and training in student interns are often interested in hiring those students after graduation. With faculty adviser approval, an internship may count towards the 1000 hours work experience requirement.

  • Co-op Internships: The internship coordinator will assist students in arranging and registering for a 6-month co-op internship in which students earn both academic credit from Penn State and pay from the participating hospitality organization. Typically students will be registered for a part-time schedule of 3 credits. The sites for this experience at both of domestic and international locations. An appropriate foreign language is necessary for most international sites.
  • Local Internship: Students register for an internship class in which they will be at the Nittany Lion Inn or another local hotel for about 15 hours per week, along with a one-hour per week seminar. Students concurrently remain registered for a regular semester schedule at University Park.
  • Work Leave: Students may take a leave of absence from Penn State to spend a semester at an industry internship. The students arrange for the internship with the participating hospitality organization. These experiences will count toward the 1000 hour work experience requirement but have no academic credit.

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