Core Courses in the ENTI Minor

The ENTI Minor (Intercollege Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation) has 3 core courses amounting to a total of 9 credits.

Core Courses in the ENTI Minor

MGMT 215 Entrepreneurial Mindset (3 credits)

This course provides the opportunity to learn to think like an entrepreneur in the broader context of social entrepreneurship, intrapreneurship, creative problem solving, opportunity recognition, and innovation.

ENGR 310 Entrepreneurial Leadership (3 credits)

This course develops leadership and entrepreneurial skills using collaborative, problem-based projects, with students working in teams.

MGMT/ENGR/IST 425 New Venture Creation (3 credits)

Via problem-based learning, teams define new business ventures to meet current market needs, develop business plans, and present to investors.