International Programs

The School of Hospitality Management (SHM) has the goal of educating students who will become socially aware hospitality industry professionals with the potential to be highly competitive in the global business arena. SHM has created a network of international academic partnerships and opportunities for students.

There are three ways in which students can study abroad:

  1. The University Office of Global Programs (UOGP) offers a number of programs that allow students to complete general education credits.
  2. Programs offered through SHM allow the student to complete both major and general education credits.
  3. If a student identifies a location or school that is not listed on the UOGP or SHM lists, the student can petition the professor-in-charge of international programs to study at the location.

For general information about School of Hospitality Management study abroad programs, contact:

Marja Verbeeten
222 Mateer Building

SHM offers month-long, semester-long, or embedded programs in Italy, Spain, France, the Netherlands, Hong Kong, and Australia.

Six food service industry executives from Nigeria spent two weeks with instructors in Penn State's School of Hospitality Management to learn about food safety as part of the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Cochran Fellowship Program.

School of Hospitality Management lends expertise to Nigerian food service execs

Oluwatoyin Alabi, president and CEO of a catering company in Port-Harcourt, Nigeria, said one of the most valuable things he learned while studying with instructors in Penn State’s School of Hospitality Management is how to maximize small spaces without compromising food safety.

Semester-Long Programs

Bond University - Gold Coast, Australia

SHM has established a direct enrollment program with Bond University in Gold Coast, Australia ( Bond University is one of the leading business and hospitality management schools in Australia. Their academic calendar is similar to Penn State. All instruction is in English and students take four 4-credit courses that will transfer into the hospitality curriculum at Penn State.

Florence University of the Arts/Apicius International School of Hospitality

SHM has established a direct enrollment program with Florence University of the Arts (FUA) which includes the Apicius International School of Hospitality ( FUA offers a wide selection of courses. Students must take courses from the hospitality management curriculum at Apicius and are allowed to take one course (general education) at FUA. Their academic calendar is similar to Penn State. All instruction is in English and students take four - five 3-credit courses that will transfer into the hospitality curriculum at Penn State.

Chinese University of Hong Kong

SHM has established a student exchange program with the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). CUHK is a comprehensive research-based university, similar to Penn State. The hospitality program at CUHK is top ranked in Hong Kong and among the top programs in the world and has similar management orientation as Penn State. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan city with a very diverse population. The instruction is in English and course work will transfer into the hospitality curriculum at Penn State. Students may apply for this program through Education Abroad (EA) and are encouraged to contact Marja Verbeeten, ( for additional information.

Faculty-led Short Programs

Summer Studies in Europe

This is a five-week summer program in Europe, usually offered from early June to mid-July. It is offered in partnership with Oklahoma State University and each university sends approximately 15 students each year. Students will take two courses (International Cuisine and International Hospitality Management) earning six HM elective credits. Courses are taught in English by faculty from Penn State and Oklahoma State. In the current program, course time is spent in Florence (Italy) and Maastricht (The Netherlands). There are several open travel dates for students to explore Europe on their own. Students apply for this program at the Global Programs website. The HM lead faculty contact for this program is Dr. Bartlett at

Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute - Lyon, France

This is a 10-14 day program, usually offered in mid-May. It is a culinary focused program, delivered at the Paul Bocuse Culinary Institute. Instruction is received from leading French chefs and is either in English or translated from French. Students earn three HM elective (French Cuisine and Culture) credits. Students apply to this program at the Global Programs website. The HM lead faculty contact for this program is Ms. Egan at

Spring Semester - One Week Abroad: Hong Kong & Macau

A one-credit course is offered that explores the fast-growing hospitality industry in both Hong Kong and its neighbor Macau. Students will gain an insight into the area’s culture as well as the compelling opportunities available in the Asian hospitality industry. Special focus will be directed towards the casino industry in Macau and the hotel and food and beverage operators in Hong Kong. Students will travel over spring break. The HM faculty lead for China is Dr. Ahlgren

Semester-Long Embedded Programs

Embedded programs at Penn State are courses that include a travel abroad component. Penn State students enrolled in embedded programs are required to attend classes here at the University Park campus with appropriate travel abroad. Currently, SHM offers a 3-credit embedded course, HRIM 498A – International Hospitality Management, each spring semester that requires students to travel abroad during the spring break. Students have the option of traveling either to Italy or Spain as part of their course work. Students will receive notifications as to when and how to register for this class. Any questions should be directed to Marja Verbeeten (

Scholarships for Study Abroad

Travel grants are available through SHM. Students may receive approximately $300 to $500; however, some students have also received full airfare. Scholarships or stipends are not guaranteed. Awards are based on a combination of high academic achievement and financial need. Please contact faculty in charge of your preferred SHM study abroad program for more information.

Additional funding may be available through UOGP.