Our Students (2009-10)

Students in the College of Health and Human Development gain tremendous experience, become leaders, and have a huge impact on the lives of people

There are plenty of opportunities for students in the College of Health and Human Development and at Penn State to develop professionally, help out in the community, perform research, learn about individuals and communities, become leaders, meet people with similar interests and passions, and find ways to improve the world.

The following students graduated during the 2009-10 academic year. Learn more about current students in the College of Health and Human Development.

A Global Health Care Career

Emily Fetterhoff is finding ways to network and learn from alumni who are excelling in the field. She wants to work with health care at a global level, and she had the opportunity to tailor her Health Policy and Administration classes to fit her interests.

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Finding Opportunities in Health Care

image of Rei Vasquez

Rei Vasquez is getting ready for a career in health care with help from the Department of Health Policy and Administration. Through involvement in student organizations, he found ways to volunteer at national conferences, network with health care leaders, and discover internship and job opportunities that are the start of his career.

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Helping Athletes Return Faster and Better

Javier Osorio is passionate about sports and helping people, which is why a career in athletic training is ideal for him. As a Kinesiology major in the Athletic Training option, he is finding ways to advance his career. He is getting involved in student organizations, helping to rehabilitate collegiate athletes, and building his knowledge and skills.

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Integrating Leadership and Diversity into Hospitality

image of Sara Quinteros-Fernandez

Sara Quinteros-Fernandez is learning new ways to help people through leadership opportunities in the School of Hospitality Management and involvement in service organizations. She coordinates communication between students, faculty, and alumni; she organizes events that benefit impoverished children in Honduras; and she promotes and helps others understand different forms of diversity.

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Preparing for a Career in Parkinson's Research

Jesse Lobodinsky is getting ready for a career in research through hands-on learning opportunities, chances to work in cutting-edge research labs in the Department of Kinesiology, and attending national conferences with his professors and his peers.

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Helping Others Communicate

Lauren Kraske is passionate about helping people, which is why Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) is a good fit for her. Involvement in student clubs, such as the National Student Speech Language Hearing Association, and research projects are preparing her for a career in speech-language pathology, where she can help others communicate more effectively.

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Fine-Tuning Golf Skills

Matt Bird is passionate about golf and helping others, and he's getting ready for a career in golf management and operations. A student in the Professional Golf Management option of Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, Matt participates in internships, student clubs, and international trips that are broadening his knowledge of the game.

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Understanding How Nutrients Affect the Body

image of Farnaz Fooland

Farnaz Foolad is preparing for a career in pharmacology by immersing herself in research, student-centered activities, and getting a better understanding of nutrients at the molecular level through Nutrition courses. She performs cutting-edge research, looking at the links between breast cancer and zinc, an experience that has given her the opportunity to participate in and win an award at Penn State's Undergraduate Research Exhibition.

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Getting Others Back on Their Feet

Nicole Karasek is learning all about injuries and rehabilitation through athletic training classes taught through the Department of Kinesiology. She's also finding ways to put her knowledge to the test—by helping injured or sore Penn State athletes and dancers at THON get back on their feet.

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Leading the Way to a Biobehavioral Career

image of Alyssa Todaro

Alyssa Todaro is becoming a leader by researching skin cancer prevention programs, interning with the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, teaching ballroom dance classes, and being involved in a leadership initiative with the college. Penn State's Biobehavioral Health program is giving her the foundation of scientific knowledge she needs to pursue her career.

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International Hospitality Leader

Jim Carty is getting ready to be a leader in the hospitality industry. International experiences have given him a taste of how hospitality operates in many different countries, and he is taking on leadership roles in student organizations that allow him a chance to network and help other students.

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Understanding Hunger and Nutrition Worldwide

Caitlin Quinn is getting a new perspective on global nutrition. As part of a study abroad experience in the Department of Nutritional Sciences, she visited the headquarters of two international nutrition organizations. She also took part in opportunities to lead others in the food industry at Penn State and designed a nutrition education plan to help people worldwide make educated food choices.

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Helping and Healing Through Recreation

Melissa Lennox plans on working with people with disabilities, and she is preparing for this through innovative Recreation, Park and Tourism Management courses and an intensive internship.

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Understanding Interactions and Promoting Human Rights

Sarah O'Donald is passionate about people, and she finds unique ways to advocate for human rights. Majoring in Human Development and Family Studies and taking advantage of innovative internship and service opportunities are preparing her for a career of helping people.

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