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Understanding the complexities of health is helping one student prepare for a career in health care

Bethany Koshuta is getting ready for a life of serving others through opportunities in the College of Health and Human Development and at Penn State.

Bethany is interested in understanding the complexities of health, which is one reason Biobehavioral Health is the perfect major for her. “What excites me about the major is that I am learning how biology, psychology, and environmental factors interact with each other and impact health,” she says.

Through her course work, she is able to prepare herself for a career in health care. “I’ve always known that I wanted to help people,” says Bethany.

In one course on health promotion, Bethany and her classmates designed an intervention to promote sleep among college students. Through this project, she learned “how to become a responsible consumer of scientific literature” and “how to sift through the ‘media hype’” surrounding certain popular scientific topics, she says.

Her other courses have been equally beneficial. “I’ve yet to take a Biobehavioral Health class that I didn’t like,” Bethany says.

The dedication of faculty members in the Department of Biobehavioral Health is especially enhancing her education. “I’m very impressed with the faculty,” she says. “They’re all very excited about what they do and about the implications of how psychological, biological, and environmental factors influence health.”

A mother and a Marine veteran, Bethany has been impressed with Penn State’s Office of Veterans Programs, which has helped her navigate the VA's complex veteran's benefits system, she says.

After graduation, Bethany plans on going to medical school, and she knows that her experience at Penn State is giving her a good head start on a career of helping others.