Our Students

Helping Others Get Situated and Getting Ready for a Career in Health Care

Jiaxin Wu is broadening her perspectives with help from opportunities in the College of Health and Human Development and at Penn State.

A Brooke J. Lenfest Scholar, Jiaxin is enrolled in the dual-degree bachelor of science in Health Policy and Administration and master of health administration (M.H.A.) program, and she is minoring in Chinese Language and Information Sciences and Technology in Health Policy and Administration.

She works in the Bank of America Career Services Building as a work-study student, and she is a mentor for the Asian American Students in Action (AASIA) program, helping first-year and change-of-assignment students get situated at Penn State.

Jiaxin is also highly engaged in the life of the College of Health and Human Development. She works part time in the student services area of the college’s deans office, and through this she helps out with Penn State’s First-year, Testing, Consulting, and Advising Program (FTCAP). She has the opportunity to talk with incoming students and their families about what life at Penn State. “I try to help the best I can,” she says.

“I really like the college. The people are really helpful, and I’m able to get close with many faculty and staff including my academic advisers,” she says. “One of the reasons people stay in our college is because of the people here.”

Having the opportunity to work with expert researchers in the Department of Health Policy and Administration is also benefitting Jiaxin. She is a research assistant for Dr. Deirdre McCaughey, associate professor of health policy and administration, who studies how injuries and workplace safety affect health care organizations.

Because the Health Policy and Administration major is open-ended, Jiaxin, like all HPA students, can choose between many electives to complete her degree. She can focus on many aspects of health care, health policy, or administration, from aging services to human resources management to marketing and communications. “You can really explore yourself through your classes,” she says.

Jiaxin hasn’t yet decided which career path is right for her, whether it is graduate school, working in a hospital or other health care setting, or doing research, but she knows that she will be prepared for just about anything because of the opportunities available to her at Penn State.