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Meredith Chaney, Academic Adviser, 701D Ford Building, 814-865-1851,

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University Faculty Senate Approved Curriculum
Recommended Academic Plan(s)
Semester-by-semester academic plans recommend in table form the courses students might schedule each semester as they pursue a particular degree. These tables serve several University purposes and assist multiple constituencies: students, advisers, departments, deans, registrars, admissions officers, and family members. The plans:
  • Identify normal academic progress, course offerings, and recommended course sequencing;
  • Assist students and advisers in planning academic schedules, registrars and departments in planning course offerings, and registrars and deans in determining when students should change campus;
  • Help students to anticipate the academic workload and courses needed to earn a degree, and to schedule appropriate prerequisites;
  • Serve as tools to help advisers learn the curriculum.

Semester scheduling recommendations for all baccalaureate majors can also be found in the University Bulletin.

Recommended Academic Plans - Recreation, Park and Tourism Management (RPTM)
RPTM/COCRC Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)
RPTM/COCRC Recommended Academic Plan (Other Campuses)
RPTM/OUTRC Adventure Based Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)
RPTM/OUTRC Adventure Based Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (Other Campuses)
RPTM/OUTRC Environmental Interpretation Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)
RPTM/OUTRC Environmental Interpretation Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (Other Campuses)
RPTM/OUTRC Management Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)
RPTM/OUTRC Management Emphasis Recommended Academic Plan (Other Campuses)
RPTM/P G M Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)
RPTM/TH RC Recommended Academic Plan (University Park)*
RPTM/TH RC Recommended Academic Plan (Other Campuses)*

*TH RC is no longer available or was discontinued as of April 26, 2010.

Degree Audit
RPTM COCRC Degree Audit
RPTM OUTRC Degree Audit
RPTM P G M Degree Audit
RPTM TH RC Degree Audit- This option closed effective Summer 2010

The Department of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management program is committed to improving the quality of life through study and research in leisure behavior. The major helps prepare students for professional positions in recreation, parks, tourism and leisure services in public, private and commercial agencies. Three options accommodate students' individual career interests. (The Therapeutic Recreation option is closed to new students effective Summer 2010.)

Commercial and Community Recreation Management Option: With a focus on management in the private/commercial, non-profit, and public sectors of recreation/leisure services, the Commercial and Community Recreation Management option will be of interest to student seeking careers in a variety of commercial settings such as resorts; theme parks; convention centers; sports and fitness facilities, including arenas and stadiums; tourism promotion/planning agencies; and employee recreation departments within corporations as well as appeal to students wishing to become entrepreneurs. For those interested in the community, public, or non-profit sectors, this prepares students for positions within municipal, state, and federal government agencies; recreation divisions of the armed services; YMCA agencies; United Way agencies; scouting organizations; university-affiliated units such as student unions, intramural and alumni services; and other non-profit organizations.

Professional Golf Management (P G M) Option:The PGM option, endorsed by the Professional Golfers’ Association of America (PGA), is designed to help prepare students for careers in the golf industry as a PGA Professional, particularly, as managers of golf facilities within the private, public, resort, and municipal sectors. Careers in other segments of the golf business are also available to students. This option is designed to be a freshman-entry program at the University Park campus. The curriculum integrates all the PGA’s professional requirements of a Recreation, Park, and Tourism major with the PGM Option including sixteen months of structured cooperative education experience. The PGM Option is coupled with courses in Business, Hospitality and Turfgrass Management. To be admitted to this Option, students must meet the University’s academic requirements and have a playing proficiency represented by a golf handicap of twelve (12) or lower. 40-50 students are admitted to the PGM Option each academic year.

Outdoor Recreation Option: The Outdoor Recreation option prepares students for careers in environment interpretation, adventure-based programming, or facilities and resource management. One track focuses upon natural and cultural history interpretation, including environment education. Another track emphasizes adventure-based program leadership including team building facilitation. The third track focuses on the management of park and recreation facilities and resources. The outdoor recreation option would be of interest to students seeking employment in variety of recreation and park venues (local, state and national) offering outdoor activities to the public.

Therapeutic Recreation Option: *This option is closed to new students effective Summer 2010. The Therapeutic Recreation option prepares students to provide comprehensive therapeutic recreation services intended to facilitate the development of a satisfying leisure life-style for individuals of all ages experiencing limitation through disability, illness, or restricted social conditions. It will be of interest to students seeking employment in health and human service agencies, including rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and a variety of treatment, residential, and community-based facilities.


Practical experience is an integral part of the degree program. The integration of classroom learning and professional experience strengthens the knowledge and skills of students. Three components of the Recreation, Park and Tourism Management curriculum have been developed to enhance practical experience.

300-Hour Field Experience: Students are required to complete a minimum of 300 hours of recreation, park, and tourism management work experience as a prerequisite for RPTM 495A, Internship in Recreation, Park and Tourism Management. The work experiences may be in the form of summer jobs, volunteer work, or part-time employment during the academic year. Through such work, students should gain insights and experience in various facets of the recreation field.

The field experience(s) should be pre-planned by the student in consultation with the academic adviser. The adviser must approve and verify all experiences. It is expected that a significant portion of these experiences will relate to the student's option. In some instances, advisers will permit verification of field work that occurred prior to a college student becoming a Recreation, Park and Tourism Management major. Students may use one or more field experiences to achieve the minimum 300 hours.

RPTM 394 Introduction to Internship (1 credit): This required course assists students with the planning and preparation of the internship, RPTM 495A. The course covers all aspects of the internship process including selection of the internship site. Prerequisites for this course include fifth semester standing and anticipation of enrollment in RPTM 495A within two semesters following the completion of RPTM 394.

RPTM 495A Internship (12 credits): This capstone course is required of all Recreation, Park and Tourism Management majors during the senior year. It involves a full-time work experience that generally encompasses 40 hours per week for a period of 12 consecutive weeks. It may be taken during the fall, spring, or summer semester of the senior year. Various written assignments are integrated with the supervised work experiences. Approved internship sites are available throughout the United States and are selected by students with the assistance of faculty and information obtained in RPTM 394. Prerequisites for the internship course include seventh semester standing, RPTM 394, completion of the 300-hour field experience, and a 2.00 cumulative grade-point average.


Relocation to University Park

With the exception of the golf management program students, students pursuing the major of Recreation, Park and Tourism Management at other Penn State locations should relocate to the University Park campus after completion of four full-time (or equivalent) semesters. To delay relocation beyond this time endangers a student's opportunity to make normal progress within the major. Earlier relocation to University Park is possible if a student is unable to make normal progress toward the degree because the requisite courses are not available at the student's campus. Students interested in pursuing the Golf Management option must contact the Golf Management program directly to discuss if this is an option for them and to get additional information about the program. The Golf Management option is designed to be a freshman-entry program. Students accepted into the Golf Management program must be at University Park for their third semester.

Registration for the First Semester at University Park for Change-of-Campus Students

A sample schedule is provided below for the first semester at University Park. This assumes relocation to University Park after four semesters. This schedule is intended only as an example and must be adjusted by each student according to courses previously completed. Those students interested in specific option areas should include the following courses (if available) during the first semester at University Park: Outdoor Recreation Option — RPTM 320 and for students interested in the environmental interpretation emphasis — RPTM 325 (available fall only); Therapeutic Recreation Option — RPTM 277; Commercial and Community Recreation Management Option — RPTM 210.

RPTM 101 2 cr.
RPTM 120 3 cr.
RPTM 236 3 cr.

General Education Course 3 cr.
Elective 1-3 cr.

Independent Study

A student who wishes to enroll for RPTM 296 or 496 must file a written proposal for the independent study prior to the semester of registration for the course. Proposal forms may be obtained from the program office or an academic adviser.




Activity/Recreation Directors, Program
Specialists, Meeting Planners, Special Event
Directors, Recreation Directors

  • Resorts
  • Convention/Conference Services
    - Corporations - Hotels
    - Associations - Universities
  • Travel and Tourism Bureaus
  • Health and Fitness Settings
  • Corporate/Employee-Based Recreation
  • Amusement/Theme Resorts
  • Ski Industry
  • Community Recreation Departments
  • YMCA, YWCA, Scouting
  • Military Recreation
  • Sports Companies
  • College Unions

Naturalists, Camp Directors, Environmental
or Adventure Specialists, Park Rangers and

  • Nature Centers
  • County, State and Federal Parks
  • Adventure and Wilderness Programs
  • Resident Camps
  • Environmental Education Centers
  • Wildlife Sanctuaries and Preserves
  • Environmental Interest Groups

PGA Assistant Professional, PGA Class A
Head Professional, Director of Golf Operations,
Marketing Representative, Consultant

  • Golf Operations
    - Military - Daily fee - Private
    - Municipal/county/state
  • Golf Industry
    - Manufacturing - Consulting Firms - Sales

Commercial and Community Recreation Option
Suggested Courses


1= Fitness/employee recreation
2= Resorts/meeting planning/special events
3= Public/non-profit sector
4= Tourism
BM= Business minor

Course: Track: Course: Track: Course: Track:
ACCTG 151 1,2,3,4 GEOG 120 (GS; US; IL) 3,4 MGMT 321* 1,2,3,4
MGMT 331 1,2,3,4
ACCTG 211 1,2,3,4,BM GEOG 124 (GS; IL) 3,4 MGMT 341* 1,2,3,4
GEOG 128 (GS; IL) 4 MKTG 221* 1,2,3,4,BM
AAA S 103 (US) 1,3,4 HRIM 204 2,4 MKTG 301 1,2,3,4,BM
AM ST 100 (GH; US) 4 HRIM 271* 2,4 MKTG 310* 1,2,3,4,BM
AM ST 105 (GH; US) 4 MKTG 330* 1,2,3,4,BM
ANTH 001 (GS; US; IL) 4 HRIM 318 2,4 MKTG 420* 1,2,3,4
ANTH 045 (GS; US; IL) 4 HRIM 335* 1,2,3,4 MKTG 422 1,2,3,4
ANTH 285* (GS; IL) 4 HRIM 336* 1,2,3,4 MKTG 435* 2,3,4
ART 002 (GA) 1,2,3,4 HRIM 350* 2,4 MKTG 440* 2,3,4
B A 100 1,2,3,4 HRIM 365* 2,4 PL SC 001 (GS) 3,4
B A 243 1,2,3,4 PL SC 002* 3,4
B A 250* 1,2,3,4,BM HRIM 442* 2,4 PL SC 003 (GS) 4
BA 321* 1,2,3,4,BM HRIM 443* 1,2,3,4 PL SC 014 (GS) 4
BA 322* 1,2,3,4 PSYCH 100 (GS) 1,2,3,4
BB H 048 (GHA) 1 HRIM 455* 2,4 PSYCH 221* (GS) 1,2,3,4
BB H 101 (GHA) 1 HRIM 466* 1,2,3,4 PSYCH 281* (GS) 1,2,3,4
B LAW 243* 1,2,3,4 HRIM 467* 2,4 PSYCH 484* 1,2,3,4,BM
HD FS 129 (GS) 1,2,3,4 RPTM 330 1,2,3
CAS 203 (GS) 1,2,3,4 HD FS 287W (GS; US) 3, 4 RPTM 334* 3,4
COMM 100 (GS) 1,2,3,4 RPTM 435* 1,2,3,4
COMM 120 1,2,3,4 I B 303* 2,4 RPTM 470* 1,2,3
COMM 320* 1,2,3,4 IST 110 1,2,3,4 R SOC 011 (GS; US) 3,4
COMM 370* 1,2,3,4
ECON 102 (GS) 3,4,BM KINES 141 1 R SOC 417* 3,4
ECON 104 (GS) 3,4 KINES 303 1,2,3,4 R SOC 452* 3,4
ECON 014 (GS) 3,4,BM KINES 321* 1 SOC 001 (GS) 1,2,3,4
FIN 100* 1,2,3,4,BM KINES 492W* 1 SOC 003 (GS) 1,2,3,4
GEOG 020 (GS; US; IL) 4 SOC 005 (GS) 1,2,3,4
GEOG 030 (GS) 4 MGMT 001S 1,2,3,4 THEA 102 (GA) 1,2,3,4
GEOG 040 (GS; IL) 4 MGMT 100 1,2,3,4,BM
MGMT 150* 1,2,3,4
MGMT 301* 1,2,3,4,BM Level 2 or higher
Any Language
*Check Prerequisites

Outdoor Recreation Option
Suggested Courses


1= Natural & Cultural History Interpretation, including Environmental Ed.
2= Outdoor Recreation and Adventure Programming
3= Management of Facilities and Resources in Recreation and Parks

Course: Track: Course: Track: Course: Track:
ACCTG 160, 211 3 FOR 416* 1,2,3 MGMT 321*, 341* 3
GEOG 010 (GN) 1,2 MGMT 424* 3
GEOG 020 (GS; US; IL) 1,2
GEOG 030 (GS) 1,2
ANTH 011 (GS; IL), 021 (GN) 1,2 MKTG 220*, 440* 1,2,3
ANTH 045 (GS; US; IL) 1,2 GEOG 115 (GN) 1,2 MKTG 221*, 310* 3
ANTH 146 (GS; US) 1,2 GEOSC 010, 020 (GN) 1,2 PHIL 403* 1,2
ART 120 1,2 GEOSC 021 (GN) 1,2 PL SC 001 (GS), 125 3
ART 290 1,2 GEOSC 040 (GN) 1,2 PL SC 417*, 419* 3
A S M 217 3 GEOSC 200, 303 1,2
ASTRO 001 (GN) 1,2 GER 157 (GH; US) 1,2 PSYCH 100 (GS), 221(GS) 1,2
ASTRO 010 (GN) 1,2 HD FS 411* 1,2,3
B A 100, 250* 3 HD FS 216, 229 (GS) 3 RPTM 300Y, 325 1,2
B A 301* 3 HD FS 239 (GS) 3 RPTM 326*, 327* 1,2
BI SC 003 (GN) 1,2 HD FS 249 (GS), 410* 3 RPTM 330*, 334 1,2
BIOL 011 (GN), 012 (GN) 1,2 HIST 012 (GH; US) 1,2 RPTM 410* 1,2
BIOL 110 (GN) 1,2 HIST 020 (GH; US) 1,2 RPTM 425*, 430, 435 1,2
BIOL 220W* (GN), 435* 1,2 HIST 151 (GS; US) 1,2 RPTM 440, 470, 496 1,2
BIOL 450W* 1,2 HRIM 318, 319* 3 RPTM 497B 1,2
B LAW 243 3 HRIM 335*, 336* 3
CAS 203 (GS), 352 3 HRIM 466 (US) 3 R SOC 011 (GS; US) 3
COMM 100 (GS), 120 3 HORT 137*, 138* 1,2 R SOC 417* 3
CMPSC 100, 203 (GQ) 1,2 SCIED 411 1,2
EARTH 002 (GN) 1,2 SCIED 457*, 458* 1,2
EARTH 100 (GN) 1,2 KINES 010, 010A 1,2 SOC 005 (GS) 3
KINES 404* 1,2 SOC 012 (GS) 3
ECON 102 (GS), 014 (GS), 315* (GS) 3 KINES 013 (GHA), 439W, 486 3 SOC 013 (GS) 3
ECON 323* (GS) 3 KINES 008 (GHA) 2 SOC 015 (GS) 3
EDPSY 014 1,2 KINES 001 (GHA), 004 (GHA) 2 SOC 404*, 408* 3
ENT 425 1,2 KINES 303, 304* 1,2,3 SOC 047 1,2
E R M 411* 1,2,3 KINES 403* 1,2,3 S T S 047, 150 (GN; IL), 200 1,2
E R M 412, 413W* 1,2
E R M 430 1,2 TURF 235 3
FIN 100, 305W 3 W F S 447W* 1,2,3
FOR 203, 204* 1,2 W F S 407, 408, 409 1,2
FOR 401 1,2,3 METEO 003 (GN), 022 1,2 W F S 410, 430, 452 1,2
FOR 308*, 410 1,2 MGMT 100, 150* 3 W F S 446* 1,2
FOR 430, 451* 1,2 MGMT 301* 3
* Check prerequisites

Therapeutic Recreation Supporting Courses

Undergraduate Curriculum

Course # Credits Title Offered:
ADM J (CLJ)111* 3 Intro to Criminal Justice System Su, Fa, Sp
(SOC) 406 3 Sociology of Deviance Fa
ADM J 430 4 American Correction System Sp
AN SC 437* 3 Equine Facilitated Therapy Sp
BB H 048 (GHA) 1.5 Values and Health Behavior Fa
BB H 101 (GHA) 3 Intro to Biobehavioral Health Fa, Sp
BB H 119 (GHA) 3 Behavior, Health and Disease Fa, Sp
BB H 143 (GHA) 3 Drugs, Behavior and Health Su, Sp
BB H 145* 2 Peer Alcohol Educator Training Fa, Sp
BB H 146* 3 Health and Human Sexuality Su, Sp
BB H (AAA S) 302* (US) 3 Diversity and Health Fa, Sp
BB H 316 3 Foundations and Principles in Health Prom Fa, Sp
BB H 432* 3 Biobehavioral Aspects of Stress Fa, Sp
BB H 446 3 Human Sexuality as a Health Concern Su, Fa
BIOL 409 3 Biology of Aging Fa
CAS 250 3 Small Group Communication Fa, Sp
CSD 218* 3 American Sign Language I Fa, Sp
CSD 269* (US; IL) 3 Deafness and Society Fa, Sp
CSD 318* 3 American Sign Language II Fa, Sp
CN ED 403 3 Foundations of Guidance and Counseling Sp
CN ED 404 3 Group Procedures in Guidance and Counseling Fa
EDPSY 014 3 Learning and Instruction Su, Fa, Sp
EDPSY 421* 3 Learning Processes in Relation to Ed Practices Su, Fa
EDPSY (PSYCH) 450* 3 Principles of Measurement Su, Fa
HD FS 229 (GS) 3 Infant and Child Development Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 239 (GS) 3 Adolescent Development Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 249 (GS) 3 Adult Dev. and Aging Fa, Sp
HD FS 311 3 Human Dev. and Family Studies Interventions Fa, Sp
HD FS 411 3 The Helping Relationship Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 414 3 Resolving Individual and Family Problems Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 415 3 Program Dev. in Family Relationships Sp
HD FS 418 3 Family Relationships Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 429 3 Advanced Child Development Su, Fa, Sp
HD FS 432 3 Dev. Problems in Childhood and Adolescence Fa, Sp
HD FS 433 3 Dev. Transition to Adulthood Fa, Sp
HD FS 434 3 Social Gerontology Sp
HD FS (PSYCH) 445 3 Adult Dev. and Aging Fa, Sp
H P A 310* 3 Health Care and Medical Needs Su, Fa, Sp
H P A 332* 3 Health Systems Management Fa, Sp
H P A 442* 3 Long Term Care Management Fa
KINES 081 (GHA) 3 Wellness Theory Su
KINES 083 (GHA) 1.5 Exercise for Stress Management Su, Fa, Sp
KINES 297C* 3 Exercise Physio, Biomech and Movement Behavior Su, Fa, Sp
KINES 350* 3 Exercise Physiology Su, Fa, Sp
KINES 360* 3 Movement Skills Fa, Sp
KINES 420 3 Psy. and Soc. Dimensions of Physical Activity Su, Fa, Sp
KINES 434* 3 Foundation of Therapeutic Exercise Fa
KINES 445* 3 Alcohol and Drug Education Sp
KINES 457* 3 Exercise Prescription Case Study Fa, Sp
KINES 481W 3 Scientific Basis of Exercise for Older Adults Fa, Sp
NURS 464 (US; IL) 3 Death and Dying Fa, Sp
PSYCH 221 (GS) 3 Social Psychology Fa, Sp
PSYCH 453 3 Sensation and Perception Sp
PSYCH 420* 3 Advanced Social Psychology Sp
PSYCH 413 3 Cognitive Development Fa, Sp
PSYCH 414 3 Social and Personality Dev. Fa
PSYCH 412 3 Adolescence Su, Fa, Sp
PSYCH (HD FS) 471 3 Psych of Adjustment Su, Fa, Sp
PSYCH 416 3 Adulthood Sp
PSYCH 476 3 Psychology of Exceptional Children Fa, Sp
PSYCH 441 3 Health Psychology Sp
SPLED 400 3 Teaching Exceptional Children in Gen Ed Settings Su, Fa, Sp
SPLED 411 3 Interventions of Severe Disabilities Fa, Sp
SPLED 412 3 Instruction for Students with Mild Disabilities Fa, Sp
WMNST 471* (US) 3 Psychology of Gender Fa, Sp
*Adviser approval required